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Orsino notices that Cesario (Viola) is in love. Cesario describes this person in terms that precisely describe Orsino but Orsino does not realize this. Cesario warns the Duke that Lady Olivia may not love him but Orsino refuses to even accept such a possibility.

It is a wildly improbable, hugely entertaining fantasy.

In keeping with the theme of

And just beneath thesurface are life's darkest, most terrible truths.

Antonio arrives, pledging to fight Sir Andrew on Cesario's (Viola's) behalf who he thinks is Sebastian since Viola disguised as a man now looks like her twin brother Sebastian.

In the era of kings, the court jester has one special privilege.

The fight is stopped but Officers recognizing Antonio, capture him. Antonio asks Cesario (Viola) for his purse back but Cesario not recognizing him does not oblige.

The best years of life are short.

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Sebastian, amazed that this beautiful woman he does not know, loves him, replies to Olivia that he will be ruled by her and the two set off to marry immediately...

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Using Shakespeare's stunningly lyric text alongside a wide range of live music, dance, burlesque and circus performance join Pell Mell for a bold and boisterous exploration of love, madness and identity as storms rage, families break apart and a steward called Malvolio comes to regret his choice of stockings!

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Sir Toby, fearing that his fight with Cesario (actually Sebastian) has put him on thin ice with Olivia, wants Feste's teasing of Malvolio to stop. Feste has other ideas but eventually lets Malvolio write a letter to Olivia proclaiming his sanity...

It marked the end of the festive season with the arrival of thewise men.

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Sir Toby and Sebastian are just about to fight when Olivia screams for her uncle, Sir Toby to stop. Olivia now scolds Sir Toby, hoping Sebastian, whom she thinks is Cesario (Viola), will forgive her uncle and not be displeased with her.

You can decide for yourselfwhether the themes of the play remind you of the gifts of the magi.

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If a director wants to focus on Orsino's irascibility and irrationality,the words "That strain again!" can be a command to the playersto interrupt their piece and repeat his favorite riff.

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Pell Mell Theatre Company are committed to creating innovative and vibrant productions of classic texts. With a particular interest in Early Modern and Medieval theatre the company aims to produce shows that feel immediate and exciting for a contemporary audience, working with the very best emerging actors and creatives to tell old stories new ways.