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The poem is also about battles and the deaths of hundreds of loyal soldiers and the experice of war the writter portrays is very different than lots of the other poems.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is "a, b, a, b".

I intend to study the language, imagery and poetic techniques of the poems.

Pope wrote a persuasive poem where she compared war to a game.

In this essay, I will discuss the issue of the "War Poetry" during the "Great War" along with comparing and contrasting two talented renowned poets; Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) and Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967)....

The audience varies for the different poems.

Two articles I’ve chosen that relate to war are a Propergander poster from England in 1914 and the poem “The Soldier” composed by Rupert Brooke in 1915.

This poem is full of questions which make it interact well with the reader.

Emily Dickinson was born in 1830, wrote 1800 poems in her lifetime.

The soldiers' shock at the contrast between their experiences and their previous conceptions of war as described by the propaganda at home made many soldiers angry and bitter, which is reflected in all of these poems....

Examine your reactions to these poems.

Modernism was a movement that outstretched literature and poetry, yet provided a new amount of freedom for war poets, as it allowed them to express themselves in the modernist fashion of free forms and room for criticism on the modern world (Matter...

Throughout the poem, there are many biblical references....

You should comment upon and compare at least two of his poems and describe the tone he writes in the imagery he uses and the poetical techniques he includes to convey his opinions.

Use detailed references to the poems to support your comments.

There are many poets from this time who use these ideas a lot in their poetry, I will be looking at five of them in detail, Jessie Pope, Rupert Brooke, Arthur Graeme-West, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

The poem starts off with "Who's for game, the biggest that's played,".

I am going to write why each poem is effective or not effective....

Sylvia Plath writes about her own experiences dealing with her authoritarian father in “Daddy.” In this poem, Plath utilizes literary devices like allusion, child-like diction, and dualistic organization to communicate her bitterness in this theme of resentment and scorn.

I am going to explore what I find to be three of his best poems and show how he achieved this aim.

After one reads the poem, he/she enjoys the lyrical type of it.

However, a somewhat different perspective is projected through the poem “In Flanders Field” by John McCrae, which dissimilitudes yet intensifies the main message....

Throughout the poem the poet uses a comparison of a man joining the army and a man choosing not to.

For instance, the structure of the poem is made up of five stanzas.

Examples of these differences can be seen in the two poems by Rupert Brook 'The Dead (iii) and 'The Soldier' and two by Wilfred Owen 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' and 'Dulce etDecorum Est'....