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," by Prof. Glenn Everett. Also ," essays on Wordsworth's writing technique, themes, biography, and the historical background. ed. Prof. George P. Landow.

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Miall, David S. Prof. Miall's syllabus, includes a summary of some of the critical issues surrounding the poem: Wordsworth's extensive revision process, the extent of his true interest in history and nature, and the poet's self-presentation.

A Commentary on William Wordsworth’s Poems

Williams, John R. Eds. Profs. Robert Clark, Emory Elliott, Janet Todd. An introduction to Wordsworth, from a professionally-edited online service that provides original-content, signed literary criticism by experts in their field, and is available to individuals for a reasonably-priced subscription [subscription service].

Wordsworth was not a Taoist, of course, but his poetry nonetheless reflects much of the Taoist position on beauty and harmony.

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Jones, Chris; and Li-Po Lee. The authors write, "Building on Bakhtinian approaches to Wordsworth's early poems, we extend their findings to , using analytical tools from narratology and film criticism to trace the interplay of different views and voices." 54 (2009).

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Burkett, Andrew. Writes Burkett, "First-generation Romantic poets generally hold a deeply rooted faith in the notion of the limitless nature of possibility, and in reaction to Enlightenment determinism, several of these poets strive for an understanding and representation of nature that is divorced from Enlightenment notions of causality. This essay specifically explores William Wordsworth's poetic denunciation of such deterministic accounts of causality through an investigation of []." 54 (2009).

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The writer reviews what Wordsworth himself said about his poetry and his intentions in the 'Preface to the Lyrical Ballads' which was published with the poems.

Jackson, H.J.  On the connections between Wordsworth's Lucy Poems and Lord Lyttelton's poems about Lucy Fortescue.  13 (1999).

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This little book, then, has quite a history: it’s used both as evidence both for Wordsworth’s class distinctions, and for the poem’s disconnection from the poet. We could reconcile the seemingly incompatible arguments, I suppose, if we see the title as an interpretation: perhaps Bateson and Glen don’t really mean to imply Wordsworth is responsible for the title, simply that the title is a fitting one, based on the content of the poem. That seems much more plausible, at least to me. Perhaps a scholar better versed in piracies and unauthorized versions of Romantic poems would know more.

Alexander Pope's 'Essay on Man', William Wordsworth's 'Ode: Intimations of Immortality', and Samuel Beckett's 'End Game'.

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Page, Judith W. A book-length critical study, "Focusing on the poems of Wordsworth's 'Great Decade,' feminist critics have tended to see Wordsworth as an exploiter of women and 'feminine' perspectives. In this original and provocative book, Judith Page examines works from throughout Wordsworth's long career to offer a more nuanced feminist account of the poet's values." (U of California P 1994).

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Most versions of the poem drop those three words (a change that, frankly, improves the poem a lot). So when did Wordsworth change the first line? According to the definitive Cornell edition of Wordsworth’s poems, the first line was changed for the .