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Nicknamed “The Whaling City,” New London is a historic New England seaport. Here, waterways become laboratories, museums become classrooms and a walk downtown becomes a lesson in seafaring history.

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The story was based on the true event of Whaleship Essex and her crew.

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Intense debate on the necessity of whaling has been stirred but failed to be resolved due to the lacking of pragmatic measures employed by the responsible parties.

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The expedition will produce a feature documentary, a limited edition high quality book and, most importantly, an index of images for a climate change documentation of the Antarctic Peninsula. From 8 February 2010, the explorers will update their progress daily at ; the team welcomes questions the public, especially students, about the adventure, climate change and ecological science of the Antarctic region. The team will respond live whenever and will update the expedition blog several times daily from 10 February to 2 March.

There are a several reasons why whales in captivity have bent dorsal fins.
Today, there are forty-five orcas in captivity with about half being born in confinement (“Killer Whales in Captivity”)....

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The IWC has condemned this as unnecessary and called on Japan to stop their hunts in over 20 separate Resolutions, Iceland killed 200 minke whales between 2003 and 2007 for 'scientific' purposes (WSPA).

Killer whales in SeaWorld are held in captivity without the necessary living conditions or treatments.

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It’s been more than six months since the Gulf Oil spill disaster. The spill challenged how we think about energy and what we are willing to risk to power our cities, factories, buildings, farms, cars, and homes. The Wyland Foundation would like your students' thoughts on the spill. If you have students grades 5-10, we are looking for 500 word essay submissions entitled, “Here’s How I Would Stop An Oil Spill From Ever Happening Again.” Excerpts from selected essays will appear in an upcoming documentary produced by the Wyland Foundation for a series of film festivals. Learn more at .

As I got older I started researching the issue and came to the realization that Orcas, also known as Killer Whales should not live in captivity.

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Another very interesting effect of Japanese whaling is that it has irked many different kinds of groups around the world. These anti-whaling groups openly protest against Japanese whaling fleets. The Japanese, however, are adamant and they refuse to stop their whaling activities. This has led to the anti-whalers to get aggressive and such groups have worked to threaten the Japanese whaling fleets through various sabotage efforts and physical attacks. Since most of the Japanese whaling takes place in oceans that are close to New Zealand and Australia, most of these 'environmental militants' stem from these two countries. Last year, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an Australian 'militant environmentalist group,' threatened to ram the Japanese fleet with a ship fitted with a bulldozer-type blade. The group has been branded environmental terrorists by Tokyo (Squires).