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Perhaps the NSA just didn't have any experience submitting FISA warrants, so Bush unilaterally waived that requirement. And perhaps Bush thought FISA was a hindrance -- in 2002 there was a widespread but false believe that the FISC got in the way of the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui (the presumed "20th hijacker") -- and bypassed the court for that reason.

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I fought the FISA process then, too.

"Mr. Dean, who was President Nixon's counsel at the time of Watergate, said that President Bush is 'the first President to admit to an impeachable offense.' Today, Mr. Dean confirmed his statement."

Bush publicly confessed. Why hasn't he been arrested?

To put things in context, Dean also said something fairly similar (about a different topic) in his book that came out earilier this year (Worse than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush, page 155):

If it is so obviously illegal, what are the odds for getting the criminals to justice? How?

Congress must act to thoroughly investigate the President's actions.

I think this is just down right an invadsion of te peoples privitcy. The president is over stepping his boundaries. Regraudless of him having to protect the people, it is just not right. Well then again I don't know why it's a shock to everyone. everythings been tapped without you knowing for years. So its really not all Bushes fought if you think about. But still you can't blame it on dead president right. And then again it is his fought. you know why? Because he kept it going and didn't stop to think how we the people would feel about it.

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IF there were a little more information people would know the story a little better and wouldn't like make stuff up and post it on the internet like i have already noticed there would be less rumors and people could debate over it more so that would be good? I don't know it also might cause more trouble for the officials

I'd like to point out a small mistake in the above. You write:

Now, that's not technically incorrect, but somewhat confusing, as it
may lead readers to believe that the separation of powers was actually
"invented" by the USA's founding fathers, so I think it's worth
pointing out that it actually goes back to Montesquieu, a French
philosopher from the 18th century.

Please explain how you know that only international calls were tapped.

Now read the first three comments again.

Further it is my understanding that the only thing that changes is *international* calls that originated domestically were allowed to be tapped by the NSA.

Lou the troll (who's still bent about being considered guilty before proven innocent)

Two more well-crafted legal analyses can be found here:

He got away with starting a war and invading a country by telling a lie. If he can get away with that without being sent to hell, why do you think his confession should put him into misery now?

"Please explain how you know that only international calls were tapped."

"Bush publicly confessed. Why hasn't he been arrested?"

How do I contact the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, established under the FISA, about who has juristiction to review U.S. electronic surveillance programs that seek to obtain foreign intelligence information in the U.S. Is there an email address I could use to contact these people ! Thank you, Mr. Evans