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Other critics emphasize the notion that science fiction offers a "menu" of Utopian futures based on new technological contexts for the human being, intended to be self-fulfilling prophecies; and also a "menu" of Dystopian futures, in which some unhealthy trend is extrapolated to a horrible extent, intended to be cautionary tales or self-defeating prophecies.

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Some 239 Cyberpunk novels (and we cast our net wide here, based on theme, computer/cyberspace/cyborg centrality, dystopian/utopian ambiguity, style, and social affiliation) include:

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Bethke @ CompuserveFor a list of Cyberpunk books, with summaries, see:Four of the best Cyberpunk web sites are: on the Well a very individualistic student at Kapi'olani Community College in Hawaii probes deeply into: "Near Future Films" "Near Future TV/Videos" "Near Future Printed Material" "Other Things of Interest"Another short definition of Cyberpunk is in:{to be done}Really, really bad futures (opposite of "Utopia")Science fiction, in its extremes, presents us with a menu of extremely dreadful futures ("Dystopias") and absolutely wonderful futures ("").

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Create a utopia, which is a perfect, ideal, paradise-like fictional place, or a dystopia ( the opposite), or a

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Hillegas [New York: Oxford University Press, 1967; Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1974]: traces the replacement of Utopian fiction by Dystopian or "inverted utopia" fiction.

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Verne had a mad scientist orbit the earth atmospherically in "Robur the Conqueror" and "Master of the World"; create a Utopia -- "The Mysterious Island"; explore conflicts between supercities -- "The Begum's Fortune";and make cities fly -- "Propellor Island."19 examples of Future Cities...

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