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The recent developments in the American foreign policy in the Middle East also involve efforts to resolve the major conflicts between the Arabs and the Israelis, in which their main aim is to curb any further spread of various weapons of mass destruction in the region .
The Bush administration in 2003 adopted and had credible grounds for justification for an American invasion of Iraq.

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Since these problems have claimed a global attention, the US foreign policy has acquired a new obligation of incorporating the values and interests of other government agencies in developing foreign policies.

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Given the diversity of such values and interests of various government agencies, the process of foreign policy development draws a wider range of ideologies, leading to investment of more input in terms of resources.
Furthermore, the process of foreign policy development in the US also faces a number of domestic challenges.

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In this case, the council seeks the requisite information regarding the political dynamics and shaping in the respective countries, which would be the chief recipients of the implications of the US foreign policies .
In tandem with the objectives of the council, the outcomes of the its activities help to provide a critical analysis, as well as appropriate recommendations to boost the efforts of the foreign policy makers, the general public including the media and the business class, in understanding the process of foreign policy development .

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The information provided by the council, based on its consultative research activities, play a significant role in offering the required insights, through which the relevant stakeholders to evaluate and understand the underlying interests and values of the US, during the development of foreign policy decisions.
The contemporary context of US foreign Policy Development
Change is inevitable.

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In this case, with the foreign policy aimed at the spread of democracy in the region, the invasion therefore aimed stamping out a regime in Iraq that was associated with insecurity challenges such as the use of mass destruction.

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There is a consensus that the US foreign policy is unsuitable for the Middle East, and has only subjected the nation to failure of restoring democracy in the region.
While the pitfalls of these foreign policies in the Middle East continue to dominate the world politics, there are also growing expectations among Americans as well as the entire world to get vivid explanations regarding such failure.

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Generally, the US foreign policy, as outlined by the US Department of State is “to build and sustain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community .”
The US program on Foreign Policy
There is a US council on Foreign Relations that is charged by the mandate of analyzing the various aspects regarding the decisions made by the US government in dealing with the international community.