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Do you like real life stories with drama and plot twists? Are you tired of sunshine and happy endings? If you said "yes," or even "um, I don't know, I guess," then 's "Traveling through the Dark" might just be the poem for you. We lost you when we said "poem," right? Wait. Come back. You see, Stafford was an interesting guy. Born in Kansas in 1914, Stafford studied at the University of Kansas and the University of Iowa. Later, he spent many years in Oregon where he taught at Lewis and Clark College, eventually being named Poet Laureate of Oregon in 1975.

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"Traveling through the Dark" lets us experience one of these moments as a secret, outside observer. We get to put ourselves in the speaker's position and ask ourselves what we would do. There is even a chance that the poem will pop into your mind the next time you drop a burger wrapper. With no one watching, will you do—what's right or what's easy?

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At its heart, 's "Traveling through the Dark" is about that moment when nobody is looking. It is about that moment when we could turn our backs and walk away from our responsibilities without any immediate, personal repercussions (except maybe that pesky conscience thing). What we do in those moments can tell us a great deal about ourselves. It is in those moments, without any peer pressure or outside influence, that we make decisions and act based solely on our character and beliefs. If we are willing to look at ourselves and our actions honestly, these can be very interesting, very eye-opening times.

A single ray of light shines down upon my face, shining through the still, silent darkness, and all attention is on me and me alone.
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