“We’re trying to cultivate activists,” says Sha.

With regards to text books, the University provides students who enrol with a comprehensive reading list and our extensive library holds either material or virtual versions of the core texts that students are required to read. However, students may prefer to purchase some of these for themselves and will therefore be responsible for this cost. Where there may be exceptions to this general rule, information will be displayed in a section titled Other Costs below.

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The Wonder and Beauty of Sigiriya Welcome to Sri Lanka by Ari The Satmahal Prasada in Polonnaruwa

Dambulla Cave Temples Photo Essay Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

This module explores some of the environmental problems associated with tourism and events, and the methods and strategies for environmental protection and management that are relevant to the industries. The focus will be on the management of businesses and operations.

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This module will examine the human side of management, and how this impacts on tourism and events related organisations: their staff, customers and other stakeholders. People are the primary focus for this module.

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Cultural and Heritage Attractions Management (Core)

1: Ken je toestel. Of je nu een digitaal toestelletje in zakformaat hebt, of een semi professionele spiegelreflexcamera, ga naar buiten en oefen. Probeer alle knopjes, elke functie en elk extraatje tot je je camera door en door kent.

for valuable documents, maps etc.

Reisfotograaf geeft zijn beste fotografietips voor wie geen sterfotograaf is, maar wel mooie foto’s wil maken. Zelfs zonder ervaring in fotografie zijn er een aantal eenvoudige regels die jou op weg helpen.

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3: Stel scherp op de ogen: Een foto is niet geslaagd als de persoon in jouw foto onscherpe ogen heeft. Goed mikken en goed scherpstellen is de boodschap!

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Investigating the Experience Economy (Core)

The University of Lincoln's policy on assessment feedback aims to ensure that academics will return in-course assessments to students promptly – usually within 15 working days after the submission date (unless stated differently above)..

Space, Mobilities and the Experience Economy (Core)


Students on this programme learn from academic staff who are often engaged in world-leading or internationally excellent research or professional practice. Contact time can be in workshops, practical sessions, seminars or lectures and may vary from module to module and from academic year to year. Tutorial sessions and project supervision can take the form of one-to-one engagement or small group sessions. Some courses offer the opportunity to take part in external visits and fieldwork.

Corporate Reputation and Public Relations

, link to news groups, write ups in Wikipedia, and publicity effort.

2: Altijd je toestel bijhebben. Deze lijkt een weggever, maar denk eens aan alle keren dat je zelf dacht: verdorie, had ik mijn fototoestel maar bij me. Dus, wen jezelf er aan om je fototoestel al-tijd op zak te hebben!