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Bristow, Joseph. Empire Boys: Adventures in a Man’s World. London: HarperCollins, 1991.


Actual young people were paraded before the public as well. New presentation furniture like the bassinet and the perambulator allowed infants to be displayed to an admiring world. Child actors appeared on stage in record numbers, performing in pantomimes, ballets, operettas, straight dramas, minstrel shows, music halls, and circus acts. By the 1880s, Drury Lane Theatre was hiring 150-200 children per pantomime. Child prodigies like Jean Davenport and Lydia Howard astonished audiences by playing multiple roles in the same evening, while numerous companies routinely ran all-child productions. For example, the famous D’Oyly Carte Opera Company had a children’s troupe which put on Gilbert and Sullivan operettas without the help of a single adult performer.


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Kincaid, James. Child-Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture. New York: Routledge, 1992.

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Recent criticism of Pater and his works has tended to focus on the potential connection between “his status as a sexual outsider and his aesthetics.” Indeed, Pater’s career as a writer and art critic was situated on the verge of a new era in terms of the development of homosexuality as a public, recognizable social identity. Debatable evidence has, over the years, led to a general acceptance that Pater himself was homosexual. However, having died a year before Oscar Wilde’s notable imprisonment for his public assertion of his own identity, Pater opted to remain quietly chaste, narrowly missing out on the larger movement that would have allowed him to be more open, both in his writing and with his own sexual identity-whatever that may have been.

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Pater bore a marginalized identity, asserting relatively revolutionary claims yet was still caught in the self-censorship of a more conservative society than Oscar Wilde’s, a generation later. His “Conclusion” proved too radical, especially considered independently of the rest of The Renaissance, for the majority of Victorian society. Yet, as a whole, he is never explicit enough in his writing to be definitively called the father of queer theory, a title occasionally bestowed upon him. His effusions on male beauty, so-called “positive indications of homosexual feeling” are just as often a celebration of universal or androgynous beauty, the transcendental effect of great art where the viewer is able to find beauty in form, the intended gender ultimately irrelevant.

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Consider the fact that the most controversial essay in was written first. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci were at least as widely respected in the mid 19th century as they are now. By connecting his philosophy with universally admired artists of old, Pater borrows from their credibility while avoiding offending more contemporary artists who might not agree with him.

Anthologies Warner, Charles D., ed

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