a vegetarian with legs crossed in zazen theroasting chicken

It is also possible to write ku in which the reader would have to decide which part was the fragment by combining either lines # one with # two or reading lines # two and #three together to make the phrase. An example might be:

moonlit pines dimming the flashlight

 Source: Du Bois, W. E. B. (1903). The souls of black folk. Chicago: A. C. McClurg and Co.

mountain heart in the stone mountain tunnel light

Some say that snow is death. I say
That snow is but the prayer
Said when soul in winter’s glade
Calls the body from its lair,
To stand within the last of light,
Becoming less than air,
To leave behind what came before
In the shadows dawn prepares.

Next to each other on the shelf at Safeway this afternoon

All these experiments, orders, and systems were bound to attract and perplex the government and the nation. Directly after the Emancipation Proclamation, Representative Eliot had introduced a bill creating a Bureau of Emancipation; but it was never reported. The following June a committee of inquiry, appointed by the Secretary of War, reported in favor of a temporary bureau for the "improvement, protection, and employment of refugee freedmen," on much the same lines as were afterwards followed. Petitions came in to President Lincoln from distinguished citizens and organizations, strongly urging a comprehensive and unified plan of dealing with the freedmen, under a bureau which should be "charged with the study of plans and execution of measures for easily guiding, and in every way judiciously and humanely aiding, the passage of our emancipated and yet to be emancipated blacks from the old condition of forced labor to their new state of voluntary industry."

Du Bois, W. (1903). The Souls of Black Folk. (Lit2Go ed.). Retrieved February 23, 2018, from

10. Never have all three lines make a complete or run-onsentence.

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Du Bois, W. E. B.. The Souls of Black Folk. Lit2Go Edition. 1903. Web. . February 23, 2018.

2. Seventeen syllables written in three lines.

point, the present social condition of the Negro stands as a menace and a portent before even the most open-minded: if there were nothing to charge against the Negro but his blackness or other physical peculiarities, they argue, the problem would be comparatively simple; but what can we say to his ignorance, shiftlessness, poverty, and crime? can a self-respecting group hold anything but the least possible fellowship with such persons and survive? and shall we let a mawkish sentiment sweep away the culture of our fathers or the hope of our children? The argument so put is of great strength, but it is not a whit stronger than the argument of thinking Negroes: granted, they reply, that the condition of our masses is bad; there is certainly on the one hand adequate historical cause for this, and unmistakable evidence that no small number have, in spite of tremendous disadvantages, risen to the level of American civilization. And when, by proscription and prejudice, these same Negroes are classed with and treated like the lowest of their people, simply they are Negroes, such a policy not only discourages thrift and intelligence among black men, but puts a direct premium on the very things you complain of,--inefficiency and crime. Draw lines of crime, of incompetency, of vice, as tightly and uncompromisingly as you will, for these things must be proscribed; but a colorline not only does not accomplish this purpose, but thwarts it.

W. E. B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk, Li2Go edition, (1903), accessed February 23, 2018, .

5. Less than 17 syllables written in three lines asshort-long-short.

First, as to physical dwelling. It is usually possible to draw in nearly every Southern community a physical color-line on the map, on the one side of which whites dwell and on the other Negroes. The winding and intricacy of the geographical color line varies, of course, in different communities. I know some towns where a straight line drawn through the middle of the main street separates nine-tenths of the whites from nine-tenths of the blacks. In other towns the older settlement of whites has been encircled by a broad band of blacks; in still other cases little settlements or nuclei of blacks have sprung up amid surrounding whites. Usually in cities each street has its distinctive color, and only now and then do the colors meet in close proximity. Even in the country something of this segregation is manifest in the smaller areas, and of course in the larger phenomena of the Black Belt.

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8. Use a season word (kigo) or seasonal reference.

Near the Meisen-ji temple cemetery is Issa's grave with alarge and a small stone on it. The large stone has aninscription describing his importance to the community andthe world, and the small stone, placed there in 1927, ahundred years after his death, was a memorial to him and hisverses and other writings, which had been collected by hisadmirers. At that time Japan was filled with books written inpraise of this wonderful old man.