Take one example: driverless cars and smart roads.

Like other certifications, devices that adhere to this will gain the right to bear that certification. After a time, Canada and the US may choose to restrict use of devices that do not conform, but that would require a government department as you mention above that has some teeth.

Need to take off the "e" after the integrity,

Donald H. Wolfe, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe (New York City: Donald H. Wolfe, 1998), 1.

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Be that from criminal hackers seeking to profit from direct sales or other usage of private information, or be it from criminal bureaucrats wanting to surmount tyrannical control.

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Privacy is also but one aspect of security. Really, if you want to know ultimately what the "privacy concerns" are all about, it is really about maintaining personal rights and powers and keeping those from getting stripped.

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Drone sales skyrocketed this Christmas.

Stuxnet is an "attack" method. I'm talking of "defense" mechanisms. Your idea maybe "patentable" given that you put more specifics that show clear innovation beyond what's obvious to those "skilled in the art". "Random", "dongle", ... aren't new. The way you construct and utilize them maybe novel.

Not the biggest deal, sure. The best only last thirty minutes.

As I've said before, I'm sure the Stuxnet designers did, because most if not all of the interesting supposasly new stuff Stuxnet used had been described long before on this blog...

But, as SO much increasingly relies on GPS, how can that happen?

By and large you are right about the inevitability of driverless cars/ smart roads in the not too distant, if not exactly future. That said, @ albert is plainly wrong imagining that smart roads will ("”). All such traffic will have to be redirected to its own parallelized road network.

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As a very good example of this: OPM and the OPM hack.

"We need to create an agency, a
Department of Technology Policy, that can deal with the WSW in all its
complexities. It needs the power to aggregate expertise and advise other
agencies, and probably the authority to regulate when appropriate."

Terrorists can't hurt anyone, it's all overblown by the gov't just to get more money.

We'll also need an IoT version of Wikileaks (IoTLeaks?) to:

As bad as these threats are, they seem abstract. It's been hard to craft public policy around them. But this is all changing. Threats to integrity and availability are much more visceral and much more devastating. And they will spur legislative action in a way that privacy risks never have.

In the post above you have: confidentiality, integrity,e and availability.

Likely a myth, but many myths often have some distant basis in truth.

But im busy (impacting my self deadlines for nrf_detekt, gonna have to push final deliverable back to summer, pisses me off but work and school trump my open projects). So you can get off your ass and implement whatever the hell youre thinking yourself (and spell my name right ass).