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However, they also felt being old means more experiences and having privileges, for instance, senior discounts, senior centers, affordable housing for seniors, and senior support groups. Some people expressed that getting older means getting wiser. One man said, "Older people are just like a walking library. They have true stories not fiction, you only go around once when you get older."

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it becomes essential that we should know the meaning of the term “citizen”

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Because they were capable of doing things and being active, they felt they were not old"I am not old" was a common response. Age was just a number to them. One widow said, "Age is just a number. I don't like the number because people usually view the age in a negative way." Some people did not even like to hear the word "aging" or "old" because of negative perceptions about being old. Although they did not think they were old, about half of them admitted that they had no choice. One said, "Aging does not mean anything to me. I am not old. But I will get there and have no choice."

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These older people are active in social interactions and volunteer work. They are looking for opportunities to continue to be independent and keep dignity. Social access can help motivate these people's active engagement and fulfillment. While companionship, friendship, and faith play a significant role in older people's lives, they have to face some challenges, such as physical decline, loss, and changes. They felt they were not in an "old" category. "Being old is being sick" is still a common belief among them. Aging to them not only means losing independence, freedom, and dignity, but also having more experiences and wisdom.

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This article discusses findings from a study exploring the inner world of older people's life experiences and how they felt about being old. Freedom, slowing down, loss, changes, companionship, loneliness, faith, and active engagement were main themes. Social access provided opportunities for older people to fulfill their sense of belonging and productivity. They believed "being old is being sick." Because they were capable, they did not think they were old. They felt aging not only meant losing independence and dignity, but also having more experiences. These findings are critical for Extension educators, who should rethink the meaning of aging and how to respond to the needs of the elderly.

With conformity and rebellion being the title of the chapter, An Epitaph , The Unknown Citizen , and Penelope all shared a similar theme in terms of

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Each participant was interviewed alone by a human development specialist for 2 hours at the senior citizens center. The questions focused on what aging meant to them, what their lives looked like, and their feelings about being old. The participants' responses were checked and rechecked through dialogue and questions that helped find significant themes. The highlighting approach was the essential significant phrase to form thematic aspects. The intention of the study is to provide an in-depth look at the meaning of aging and develop a valuable understanding of older people's life experiences.

Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or part of a nation

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A pair of teens narrates this program that identifies five pillars of good citizenship: be respectful of others and their property, be respectful of school property, follow school rules, demonstrate good character by being honest and dependable, and give back to the community. The action begins with students define what it means to them to be a good citizen. In each of three scenarios, students demonstrate good or bad citizenship. In the first vignette, a student working in the science lab spills water. Another student criticizes him, while the others help him clean it up. Next, a couple of students are talking in class and, after a reprimand, one of them continues being disruptive. The last scenario takes place in the boys' bathroom. Two children call another boy "four eyes," and show him the picture that they've drawn of him on a wall. Another student advises the bullied boy to tell a teacher and offers to accompany him. After each scene, the pillars are reviewed and students are invited to identify who is a good or a bad citizen. A useful tool to stimulate class discussions.

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This unique “practice that ends the individuals life that is suffering from a terminal illness, disease, or an incurable condition by the means of lethal injection” (Emanuel) thus ceasing the persons life is called Euthanasia.