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The topics we study range across time and culture. If you study with us you will examine the cultural consequences and expressions of astronomy, astrology and cosmology; collect data on what people believe about the stars right now; explore the history of astrology; examine the use of the sky, stars and planets in religion; investigate ideas about the relationship between soul, psyche and psychology and the cosmos; research ancient practices of magic and divination; keep a journal of your own sky observations; look at how the sky and stars are represented in the arts, literature and film; and learn how to measure and interpret celestial alignments at archaeological sites. You will be awarded the MA on successful completion of a 15,000 word dissertation based on a supervised research project.

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AHAN7003: History of Astrology
This module focuses on western astrology from its earliest origins to the present day, but the lessons we draw can apply to other cultures. We look at such issues as reform in the theory and practice of astrology, and students analyse primary source documents as part of their assessment.

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The Occasional Student option is ideal for students who either have a very specialized interest or wish to test their commitments. Recently Occasional Students have studied just our Introduction module, or the History of Astrology, or Skyscapes, Cosmology and Archaeology. Some students begin with the Certificate and then progress to the Diploma or MA. If you apply for the Certificate or Diploma it is a simple matter to upgrade to the MA on the successful completion of the required modules.

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