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�Tess of the d�Urbervilles� was another revolutionary novel, for not only did Hardy present Victorian readers with the atrocious topic of rape, but also with the possibility of life for his heroine after her violation.

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Sent to work on the farm of her distant relatives, Tess stirs up an intense romantic rivalry between her cousin Alec D'Uberville (Jason Flemyng) and handsome "local" Angel Clare (Oliver Milburn).

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Book tess of the publication of the d’urbervilles: Texts you analyze. Outline for tess of flintcomb ash represented a visit, you explore the controversy surrounding tess becomes evident .

Hardy, Thomas. Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Ed. Joslyn Pine. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 2001. Print.

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It was a moment when a woman�s soul is more incarnate than at any other time; when the most spiritual beauty bespeaks itself flesh; and sex takes the outside place in the presentation.� (Pg 202, Tess of the d�Urbervilles)

Tess�s unorthodox nature is emphasized by Hardy, who endows her with qualities that Victorian culture claimed were alien to a woman�s.

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This makes it all the more significant that novels dealing with raw human passion and sex, such as �Wuthering Heights� and �Tess of the d�Urbervilles�, were written.

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Erotic symbols of penetration and engulfment are utilized to enact the pursuit, violation and persecution of Tess at the hands of the two men in her life.

Justine Waddell stars as Tess D'Urbeyfield, the poor relation to the prosperous D'Ubervilles, a rural family.

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In engaging in Pagan fertility rituals like the May-walking, �Tess of the d�Urbervilles� suggests women have more to gain in retaining this Pagan heritage since it empowers them and allows for the articulation of their sexuality, which Christianity adamantly strove to repress.

Tess of the d�Urbervilles (1891) �Tess of the d�Urbervilles� was one of the most controversial novels of the Victorian age.

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Caroline Gammel speaks to Norrie Woodhalll, who claims her mother was the real life inspiration for Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

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As Tess proceeds to grow throughout the novel, Hardy raises important questions such as the objectification of women and the valorization of their sexual control.