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What we need is not a war on terrorism, but we need to stop bombing people and supporting oppressors. If the US converted half its military budget to humanitarian aid spent in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, etc. and didn't try to control the political environment, we would be a lot safer. Nothing you can do will prevent terrorist 100%, but you can at least make it so that you aren't an obvious target.

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so i must infer that we are not only talking about terrorism in Nigeria , ..

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Terrorists can mount an attack which, in some instances can kill thousands of people. However the real impact is the idiots who spread the message of fear and scare millions.

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You realy need to get it into your head that the current crop of terrorism is realy just a diversionary tactic that the likes of the Western WASP nations keep falling for. In part because it suits the politicians and those involved with building the various weapons of death, destruction and oppression used for the "security" which covers political interest in resources.

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Relying on the example of Belgium, a notoriously mismanaged country that has grown an Muslim terror garden in its quarter of Molenbeek (where almost all the perpetrators of Paris and Brussels attacks came from), can only be done by people who are totally naive and clueless about Islamic terrorism.

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Let's say someone was coming to your country, bombing your people, propping up the dictators that oppress your people for their own economic gain. If those same people who did all of that to you started framing their actions as a war against your religion/ideology, do you think you would be less likely to become a terrorist, or more likely?

It appears as if their ideas of Nigeria were as vague as the Nigerians' views of England and Englishness, a fact well represented in Mister Johnson.

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At the Crossroads of Sahelian Conflicts: Insecurity, Terrorism, and Arms Trafficking in Niger, by Savannah de Tessières. Small Arms Survey SANA Report, January 2018.

The conflict in Nigeria has turned deadly and a successful communication environment must be developed in order to restore peace to the region....

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So, what to do? I think compromises sending them in directions that are wasteful, but harmless, is a decent idea. That this direction might actually catch a terrorist or two will make them feel better. I also encourage good record-keeping of amount spent, stuff investigated, false alarms, number of terrorists caught, and number missed. This provides data for use to swing moderates in rational directions.

4), which is less than a study conducted in Abraka, Delta state, Nigeria, showed 74.6% (2) though it is maximum.

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Then when you get off the car and walk into the terminal there is a profiler at the terminal entrance. They eye you intensely. The usually do not even talk to you and let you pass. The when you enter the terminal you CAN'T walk straight to the checkin counters. You queue in line - a separate line to each group of checking counters. Security people walk through the line. The look at your passport, they LOOK YOU IN THE EYE and they TALK to you. If you are nervous, if you act suspiciously, if your story is incoherent, they catch you right there. If they deem you OK they wave you through to the checking counter. Needless to say, Israelis move much faster than tourists though this line. That's PROFILING. And the people are TRAINED to do it quickly and efficiently. And they are VERY polite, not like the jerks they employ at the border control in JFK. And this is just the profiling that is done OPENLY. There are undercover profilers and security guards in the crowd, trained to shoot precisely in the crowd while hurting only the target. And there are undercover air marshals on every flight that goes through Tel Aviv airport. Terrorists have no chance.