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Though a mobile phone, for example, is certainly a commonplace object these days, placing one in a formal still life would be a highly unorthodox and dangerous move, because it would tend to disrupt any classic effect of timeless serenity.

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Sexual overtones eventually found their way into a number of Frida's still life paintings.

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Edgar Degas, a French Impressionist painter, Edgar Degas’ paintings on the bourgeois family life puts an emphasis on the “apartness and disjunction” of the family structure during 19th and 20th century.1 Interior with Two People represents Degas’ interest in the fragmentation and contradictions that riddle the common idea of the bourgeois family in the nineteenth century.2 The man and woman in Degas’ Interior with Two People seem to belong to the upper bourgeois class in French society as suggested by the clothing of the two....

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We can no longer view her paintings as just self-portraits or still life but to search for the true meaning and emotions hidden beneath the paint

I still didn’t take naturally to painting objects; they seemed so inert, lifeless and uninteresting!

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Indeed, if the still life painter is not aware of and responding to these processes, there is a danger that the work will embody, beyond skill, only a rather literal and crass materialism.

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Dali truly was a master of traditional painting techniques. He could have created perfectly normal still life paintings and landscapes—but I’m glad he didn’t.

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It helped that still life paintings were generally small and saleable, allowing me to diversify my output while developing skills as an observational painter.

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Thus, instead of the calm, unimpeachable good taste of formal still life, vanitas tends to be dramatic, conflicted, anxious, morbid, ironic and even (deliberately) tasteless.

Sexual overtones eventually found their way into a number of Frida's still life paintings

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Connecticut's has discovered a long-lost still-life by Paul Gauguin. The work was consigned by a retired Manhattan antiques dealer who had purchased it from a collector in the 1980s; he then hung the painting for 30 years in his own home without knowing the artist.

Overview: This series of flower paintings subverts one of the oldest forms of picture making: the still-life

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Where formal still life aims at an inscrutable purity, a timeless perfection, vanitas deals in corruption, decay; the present is not ‘eternalized’ but rather shown to be futureless.