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Sleep restriction studies have the potential to explain the wide range of symptoms observed in sleep deprivation patients, and quantify the health effects of what has become the common practice of sleeping too little.

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While medications can have side effects that can cause sleep deprivation

One of the main causes of sleep deprivation is stress

Subjects sleeping eight or nine hours did consistently good work in the PVT, showing no changes as the studies went on. But the other groups, even the seven-hour sleepers, not only performed less well to begin with, but deteriorated in competence as the studies progressed. The effects were marked, in no way subtle, and the cognitive deficits induced by lack of sleep were serious enough that they would be noticeable on a day-to-day basis.

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When predicting weather a child’s sleep disruption affected the daily functioning of the maternal parent; the dependent variables were the cause of poor sleep such as overload, depression, paternal distress, fatigue, and sleepiness....

Sleep deprivation is a rising problem in school and in the workplace; therefore, the symptoms, causes, consequences, and solutions should be known....

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Unfortunately, Tripp never made a full mental recovery, losing his job and his marriage due to conduct and attitude problems. The other famous subject of a sleep deprivation study, Randy Gardner (260 hours without sleep), suffered the same symptoms but did not experience lasting unpleasant effects.

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News & World Report produced an article dealing with the lack of sleep in America and its effects on performance. The articles gave different types of results from different kinds of data with different degrees of definiteness. In spite of their differences, both articles showed th...

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To maintain proper health, it all begins with a full eight hours of a solid night's sleep. Stress, worry, extended work schedules, overloaded school schedules, and a poor diet are factors. A major cause of a variety of illnesses is lack of sleep. This article is an overview about the side effects that can develop due to lack of sleep.

Most teenagers say they wish that they could get more sleep during the week and claim they often feel the harsh effects of sleep deprivation....

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Although there are the more thought-of methods of stressing oneself out (such as leaving things for the last minute or having a long discussion with someone), it is less commonly known that lack of sleep can cause significant stress on the human body and mind, leading to cognitive impairment (Giese et al., 2013)....

The effects of getting a good night’s rest are essential and signs of sleep depravation are not as hard to spot as one may think....

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Medical problems that cause sleep deprivation can be either conditions in which loss of sleep is a side effect, or primary sleep disorders that disrupt normal slumber as a main effect. If you have the breathing problem called sleep apnea, for example, that will wake you many times each night in order to prevent asphyxiation. Mental illnesses that cause manic states of hyperactivity can keep patients awake for long periods of time. The muscle tremors and rigidity caused by Parkinson's disease can interrupt sleep frequently.

This is more true than they can fathom, as the effects of sleep deprivation in teenagers prove to be quite damaging in both the short and long term.

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When the symptoms of sleep apnea are unrecognized or ignored, the disorder usually causes a combination of medical, social, and psychological illnesses -- which can become life-threatening over a prolonged period.