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One of the most racist commercials in recent history is particularly appalling. Volkswagon features an Arab terrorist in its ad campaign for the new Polo automobile. The terrorist attempts to be a suicide bomber at the scene of a busy restaurant, but his plan is thwarted because the Polo, despite being small, is just too strong for his bomb.

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Fox News is another contender, with the recent Michelle Malkin “baby mama” debacle being just one example. In our 24/7 infotainment television era, the lines between advertising and journalism are becoming increasingly blurred.

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Though the previous commercials and political ads are famous, racism pops up everywhere in television spots, ads, and commentary. This curated roundup shows some of the most casual – and egregious – examples of racism, including Imus’ famous “nappy headed hos” comment.

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You know those black boys – perennially immature sex hounds and nothing more. Always looking to show off flashy clothes, hang out with terrorists and score with blonde chicks. Don’t even get started on their porn addiction. At least, those are the racist stereotypes this Republican attack ad against Tennessee Senate hopeful Harold Ford blatantly portrays. All the actors in the film are white and attack Ford’s character, save for the one African-American woman…who only seems to care about Ford’s good looks. Most appalling is the young blonde woman talking about how she met Harold at the Playboy mansion – and she ends the attack ad by whispering in a sexy voice, “Harold, call me.” The ad caused a huge controversy for its none-too-subtle exploitation of fears.

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Racist campaign ads are nothing new for the Republican party, however. The Grand Old Party had a grand old habit of playing on racial prejudice – and tying prevailing negative stereotypes of African-Americans directly to Democrats. In one of the most famous racist ads of all time, the Willie Horton ad of 1988 played into beliefs about African-American men being nothing more than dangerous criminals – and made Dukakis seem like the weak, acquiescent leader asleep at the wheel as black convicts were on the loose raping women. In reality Dukakis had nothing to do with the unfortunate lapse in prison management, but the ad successfully played into racist fears.

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Is American’s sweetheart actually promoting terrorism? Dunkin’ Donuts recently ran an ad campaign in which the always-chipper Ray was wearing a paisley scarf. It didn’t take long for Michelle Malkin of Fox News to assert that the scarf was the traditional garb of Middle Eastern terrorists. Was Dunkin’ Donuts sending a message? Promoting terrorism? Speaking out against the President or perhaps the Iraq War? No. As it turns out, Ray’s fashion assistant simply thought the scarf was pretty. And in fact, the scarf is commonly warn by many people throughout many nations in Asia and the Middle East. Talk about a tempest in a teapot. Dunkin Donuts nevertheless removed the ad in order to still the ridiculous rumor mill.

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This Public Storage ad reinforces the negative stereotype that Jewish people are cheap and stingy. In the ad, a Jewish woman complains about how everything used to be so much more affordable, and prices these days are just outrageous – but not at Public Storage!

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Unfortunately, the racist attacks on Harold Ford didn’t end there. In a classic game of attacking the victim, this Corker political ad tries to argue that voting for Harold Ford is inherently racist…because Harold Ford is crying about racism and that makes his campaign all about race, which is completely racist. What?