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After decades of receiving essentially uncontestedagricultural subsidies, and despite the fact that the carcinogencity ofcigarette smoking has been common knowledge for at least thirty years, thetobacco industry has recently come under hysterical, self-righteous attack byself-proclaimed guardians of "social responsibility" and "public health."Likewise, despite the innumerable legal and informal restrictions on smokingvirtually everywhere in American society, a movement has arisen to "ban smokingfrom all public places." Entirely lost in this debate are some simplequestions: Do people have the to smoke?

Smoking bans in public areas are necessary for everyone’s benefit

Patrick Basham & Dr Juliette Roberts. Are Public Smoking Bans Necessary? Social Risk Series Paper.

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The main reason for banned smoking in public places is desire to prevent passive smoking, which annually causes about 80,000 deaths. The smoking ban is also due to allergies, and to the fact that non-smokers in general consider that the smoke smell bad.

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These laws have been successful in protecting nonsmokers, while there are still many cities that have not banned smoking in public, leaving themselves at risk....

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More and more bans on public smoking are being passed, taking away the First …

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Many states and local governments have passed laws restricting or prohibiting smoking in public places. Many business owners have challenged the legality and constitutionality of public smoking bans claiming their rights under the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause have been violated . Review and discuss the types of restrictions and limitations imposed by state and local governments . Present the arguments both for and against public smoking bans, including economic based arguments. Discuss the governmental authority suggested as a basis for this type of legislation, as well as the arguments that public smoking bans are an unconstitutional violation of the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause.

More and more bans on public smoking are being passed, taking away the First Amendment rights of …

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As we mentioned above banned smoking in public places is in the first place an attempt to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, emphysema and other diseases among non-smoking people. Laws concerning smoking bans were introduced by many countries in various forms over the years, with some legislators citing the scientific evidence that shows that tobacco use is harmful to smokers themselves but also for their families.

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But who and what are these bans meant to protect

The debate on whether to ban smoking in the public places is a heated one. Many more debates have stemmed up and the debate is far away from being over. New issues come up every day. Many people have created permanent enemies due to this debate. However, a lot has been achieved and many countries have banned smoking in the public places. Some designated smoking zones have been created and especially in towns and cities. Even those countries that have not banned smoking in the public places, they do not allow smoking in the public offices and working places. These bans have received different reactions from people of both divides. Smoking has many effects not only to the smoker but to the whole community at large. It leads to need for investment of large sums of money so as to correct the issues caused by smoking.