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And the lies continue. Up until the essay in 2014, the church hid the fact that Smith had over 30 wives. Even now, few members have even read the essay that is buried deep in the Church's website. It's not listed on the new 'comprehensive' . It's not plainly discussed by the church. Take a poll of your ward members. I bet you will find that most everyone knows about Brigham Young's wives but many of them will not know about Joseph's wives. And how about the new church manuals about Brigham Young? They changed all the references from 'wives' to 'wife' to make it sound as if these people only had one wife.

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At the end of the day, polygamy was about the sexual gratification of a single man, Joseph Smith, Jr. Despite the prohibition against polygamy found in the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith pursued it. His practice focused on impressionable young girls and involved acts that in some cases would have resulted in a prison term today. He wanted sex with more than one woman and had a convenient, self-serving revelation to justify it. We could almost forgive Joseph Smith of his sexual foibles if it weren't for the way the modern Church treats such indiscretions today. The Church is obsessed with "sexual purity" and routinely excommunicates people for weaknesses of the flesh.

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'This doctrine of baptism for the dead is a great doctrine, one of the most glorious doctrines that was ever revealed to the human family; and there are light, power, glory, honor and immortality in it. After this doctrine was received, Joseph received a revelation on celestial marriage. You will recollect, brethren and sisters; that it was in July, 1843, that he received this revelation concerning celestial marriage. This doctrine was explained and many received it as far as they could understand it. Some apostatized on account of it; but others did not, and received it in their faith. This, also, is a great and noble doctrine. I have not time to give you many items upon the subject, but there are a few hints, that I can throw in here that perhaps may be interesting. As far as this pertains to our natural lives here, there are some who say it is very hard. They say, "This is rather a hard business; I don't like my husband to take a plurality of wives in the flesh." Just a few words upon this. We would believe this doctrine entirely different from what it is presented to us, if we could do so. If we could make every man upon the earth get him a wife, live righteously and serve God, we would not be under the necessity, perhaps, of taking more than one wife. But they will not do this; the people of God, therefore, have been commanded to take more wives.

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Some of you may ask, 'Is there a single ordinance to be dispensed with? Is there one of the commandments that God has enjoined upon the people, that he will excuse them from obeying?' Not one, no matter how trifling or small in our own estimation. No matter if we esteem them non-essential, or least or last of all the commandments of the house of God, we are under obligation to observe them.

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Because their largest ship was destroyed, Columbus left behind about 40 Spaniards and they built a fort from the ship’s timbers. Many of Columbus’s men begged to stay instead of sailing back to Spain. Columbus admitted that no fort was necessary among such friendly and peaceful people, but he could not put aside his European conditioning. Columbus wanted to condition the natives to obey their new Spanish overlords (although they did not know they had overlords yet) out of “love and fear.” So Columbus had a lombard and musket fired in a demonstration of power, which frightened those happy, helpful natives.