The patriot act will prevent terrorist attacks on the United States.

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The patriot act was passed with very little congressional debate....

One important factor in the call for academic standards is political pressure …

Congress must act to thoroughly investigate the President's actions.

In your paper, please address the following:

Summarize the origins and development of the Act in Congress to include its support and opposition, reauthorizations, and amendments.
Select three to five provisions of the Act that you consider to be the most controversial and explain the arguments on both sides.
Provide an overall assessment of whether the Patriot Act has been beneficial or detrimental to American society.

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International Journal of the Sociology of Law, 34.2: 105 -- 140.

In order to fully understand the Patriot Act, there is much more to it than just the text of the actual Act.

Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyze how the patriot act has enhanced national security in the United States, post 9/11.

Patriot Act Pro and Con - Sample Essays

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Let’s look at a few cons of the Patriot Act

The world’s most evil people do not staff McDonald’s. They are just pioneers and one of the most successful practitioners in an evil system. The protestors took on McDonald’s to protest the system, McDonald’s being a logical target.

The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 is an Act of the US Congress that was designed to improve safety and security of the USA.

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The statutory and regulatory laws govern the entire employment process from pre-employment activities such as recruiting, through an employee's career with the organization, including termination....

The USA Patriot Act from the above discussion has brought about great changes in terms of US national security.

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This Act makes all services and providers of cellular communication cooperate with the US government. They have to provide the police and FBI with constant access towards the Internet and telephone communication. FBI is able to intercept computer networks, telephone calls, social networks, etc. to maintain peace and security in the country. The USA PATRIOT Act was signed by George Bush and since that time the Act has been extended several times. Barack Obama extended it on 2011, though this Act is quite a controversial one. There are many opponents of this document, because they claim that it ruins the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. They say that it is immoral to intrude into one’s private life. In spite of these speeches and criticism, the US government continues extending this Act motivating their decision with its exceptional usefulness for the security and safety of the country.

Indefinite detention based upon suspicion: how the patriot act will disrupt many lawful immigrants' lives.

USA Patriot Act & National Security: An Essay Example

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