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Within a matter of years they had become a part of world trade...From the start, new animals and plants were introduced; cows, horses, and goats, and a bewildering variety of plants...Hawaiian food and haole food (the latter being the food of the white incomers) continued side by side with occasional input from the Chinese who also ended up on the islands...On ceremonial occasions, there would be luaus at which largely Hawaaian foods was served: poi, of course, and dried fish and shrimp, luau pig baked in the imu, seaweed, and taro leaves, and a dessert made of coconut milk thickened with Polynesian arrowroot...

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Authentic Mexican food is usually prepared with many of the same ingredients.

Mexican food does vary in each of its ..

Dried meat and salted fish had fed American sailors, and these foods became a part of Hawaiian tradition--as pipikuala, the jerked beef that is broiled in tiny pieces and served with a sweet-sour cause, and as lomi lomi, thin fillets of salted salmon that some New Yorkers have described as better in its indigenous way than lox (smoked salmon) from their own favorite delicatessens.

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219-221) Traditional Colorado foods?
This menu was constructed by Patsy Shole, Assistant Professor of Home Management at Colorado State College, Fort Collins:

Rocky Ford melon
Puree of mile-high peas
Choice of
Fort Collins roast leg of lamb with mint jelly
Fried mountain turkey with cranberry jelly
Colorado Rocky Mountain rainbow trout wtih hollandaise suce
San Luis Valley Burbank puff potatoes Larimer County buttered peas
Fresh savory mushrooms Heart of Colorado pascal celery
Pikes Peak hot rolls Sweet Colorado State College butter
North Park iceberg lettuce with roquefort cheese dressing
Loveland early Richmond chrry pie
Palisade peach ice cream
---, Crosby Gaige [Doubleday, Doran:New York] 1939 (p.

Nevertheless, Cajun and Creole foods extend from different traditions, each possessing its own history and touting its own creations...The Cajuns.
Also unique to Lorca are the homemade churros, a traditional Mexican dessert served for those craving a taste not easily found in the States.

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Sonoran food is less violently spiced than that of mostof the other Mexican states; Arizona goes in for comparatively mild chilies, which it grows itselfalong the border.

This paper examines the experiences of Mexicans in America during the Great Depression and explores the devastating impact of repatriation efforts.

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Whilefood remained a novelty and a draw for potential patrons who where looking for a good meal, many saloon proprietors advertised theirestablishments's drink menus more frequently than their food offerings...The types of foods served in each saloon provided another level of distinction...lamb, beef and pork were popular meat menu items in Virginia City drinking houses...with negligible amounts of small mammals such as rabbits, as well as fish and fowl...[and] a fewwild birds...Meat cuts were designated high, medium, and low quality depending on the amount or tenderness of the meat...medium-quality beef cuts were the most significant meat-based meals associated with the theater saloon...low-quality meals are not necessarilypart of the widespread local memor of Virginia City's boomtown wealth.

Until the discover of oil in the area, beef was king...West Texans adopted one of their essential foods--beans--from theMexicans.

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22) New Netherlands: stocking the land with old world foods
"Early on it was decided to outfit the [New Netherlands] colony so that it could be addition to people to work the farms, it was necessary to supply the colony with animals, farming tools, and other implements...The animals that were sent to New Netherland were well taken care of on their long trip across the ocean...The rapid progress of agriculture in New Netherland is shown to us in the only record of the original purchase of Manhattan...samples of summer grain such as wheat, rye, barley oats, buckwheat, canary seed, small beans and flax...the New Netherland colony produced is own grain...'The Netherlands settlers, who are lovers of fruit, on observing the climate was suitable to the production of fruit trees, have brought over and planted various kinds of apple and pear trees, which thrive well'...peaches, plums, apricots, almonds, persimmons, cherries, figs, several sorts of currants, and gooseberries all give abundant fruit...every...fruit which grows in the Netherlands is plenty already in New Netherlands...the waters...are rich with fishes.' ...the most important fowl in the new country is the wild turkey, which is similar to the tame turkeys of the Netherlands...In the new colony, bread was not only used for the consumption of the colonists themselves but was also used for trading with the Indians."
--- (p.