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Psychohistorian Dwight Anderson wrote: “By reformulating this common fund of inherited meanings, Lincoln transformed American political history from an Old Testament story into a New Testament one, and thereby released the American Revolution from its Hebraic separatism so as to imbue it with a Christian universalism.”58His faith was evident.

Essays on Lincoln's faith and politics APA

Essays on Lincoln’s Faith and Politics.

Essays on Lincoln's Faith and Politics, Vol

Perhaps as a young man, Mr. Lincoln had done his share of useless labor to last a lifetime. Hedid what was necessary and he expected others to do the same. A man had the right to the fruits of his labors—and an obligation to pursue his labors to the best of his ability. And the rewards of hard work were important in politics as well—one reason that the 1849 appointment of Justin Butterfield to the federal Land Commissioner’s post so disturbed Lincoln. Butterfield hadn’t worked in the election and rewarding him for his lethargy was bad politics and bad government.

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Clearly, President Lincoln was not about to forget the loyalty of black soldiers or the disloyalty of Confederate ones. Judge Mills wrote: “I saw that the President was a man of deep convictions, of abiding faith in justice, truth, and Providence. His voice was pleasant, his manner earnest and emphatic. As he warmed with his theme, his mind grew to the magnitude of his body. I felt I was in the presence of the great guiding intellect of the age, and that those ‘huge Atlantean shoulders were fit to bear the weight of mightiest monarchies.’ His transparent honesty, republican simplicity, his gushing sympathy for those who offered their lives for their country, his utter forgetfulness of self in his concern for its welfare, could not but inspire me with confidence that he was Heaven’s instrument to conduct his people through this sea of blood to a Canaan of peace and freedom.”20

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God punished wicked nations for their sins, just as he punished delinquent individuals.” 41 Richard Yates, the wartime governor of Illinois, later wrote that “whatever may have been his religious views or convictions, yet nothing can be clearer than that from the day he left Springfield, until the day of his death, as all his proclamations, messages, and the testimony of many good men will show, he manifested an implicit reliance upon Divine Providence, and his faith was made sure and his arm strengthened by an unshaken conviction that the ever-living God was on our side and would preserve, unimpaired, our free institutions, a priceless heritage for ourselves and our children.”42Most observers agree that President Lincoln strongly believed in the rule of Providence in the world.

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In the fall of 1862, he sketched the changing shape of his thinking on paper, beginning with this simple axiom: ‘The will of God prevails.'”81 When a Senator said “I believe that, if we could only do right as a people, the Lord would help us, and we should have a decided success in this terrible struggle,” President Lincoln replied: “My faith is greater than yours.

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