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In the essay I argued about the importance of keeping traditions for immigrants and I assumed that it was suitable for philosophy class but now, by rereading and analyzing it I can see how the rhetorical choices I’ve made...

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Siddhartha's life clearly displays how a person's daily choices affect their spirituality.

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The first being; “One does not infringe on the basic inalienable human rights – such as life, freedom of speech and privacy, due process – recognized by our society (ethical formalism).” Basically stating the respect of others should be considered in all decisions.

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When Barry Bonds* made the choice to take steroids, he made a decision that would forever change his life and the lives of his friends, family and fans.

Hollywood has been able to successfully take real life mobsters and make them larger than life on the big screen.
Ethical frameworks can be designed and applied in both personal life settings and professional work environments.

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In fact, the decision making process helps reduce doubt and uncertainty about alternative choices to allow individual to choose the best reasonable choice.

Actually, successful people achieve their goals in life and work through effective and efficient decision making.

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Herman’s choice of soft focus that we see within the opening chapters (See [Fig.4]) creates a lighter mood and definitely contributes to the idea of German life appearing ‘seamless’, even though the audience is denied the truth of the revulsions that are actually in place during that time....

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