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So many people eat what I call 'foodless foods' at such times--devil's cakes, pastries, cinnamon toast madewith white bread lavishly sprinkled with white sugar.

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It increased in importance from its initialrole as a major food for Mediterranean poples in the Old World to become the world's largest cereal crop...The real story ofiots origins disappeared from memory many millennia in the past, although some farming peoples still recount tales of howthey received other cultivated plants from gods, animate spirits, heroic ancestors, or the earth itself...Domesticated wheatsbelong to at least three different species...and hundreds of distinct varieties...All domesticated wheat has lost thephysical and genetic characteristics that would allow itself aggressively to reseed and sprout by itself...Although humans domesticatedwheat, one may argue that dependence on wheat also domesticated humans.

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In Greek myth, the goddess Demeter gave wheat to the people, and the people who worshiped her understood the revelationof the harvest...Many beliefs surrounding wheat applied to grain crops in general...The dieties of people credited with thediscovery and cultivation of wheat were culture heroes; they helped human beings advance by teaching them how to live offthe land and control the production of food.

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On this assumption, whenever sesame was introduced from India, possibly shortly before 1000 BC, it willrapidly have displaced linseed as a food oil--since it is more easily kept fresh...At the Persian King's Dinner...sesameoil was used both in the cooking process and as a seasoning...It remained rather unfamiliar in classical Greece and Rome, but waswas observed in use in contemporary Mesopotamia and was one of five oils taxed under Ptolemy II...Sesame grew in Egypt, Syriaand Babylon in large quantities by Hellenistic times...The seed was a popular ingredient in cakes, particularly wedding cakes,to judge by Greek literary sources."
---, Andrew Dalby [Routledge:London] 2003(p.

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848) "Salt, sodium chloride (NaCl), is commonly said to be essential to life...Since prehistoric times much efforthas been devoted to obtaining salt for use with food.

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According to the Alan Davidson, [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 1999 (page 159) "Cheese is oneof the oldest of made foods, dating backto the prehistoric beginnings of herding.

The secret of agelessness lies in eating intelligently, in  to eat only those foods which are good for you.

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827)Vinegar in the Ancient world
"Vinegar merely as a condiment was not important, but ut was a very necessary part offood preservation; vinegar and hard brine', says Columella, are essential for makingpreserves'.

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In French culinary parlance today the same word is still used in the phrase dresser en timbale to describe the serving ofsome preparation in a large bowl, which may be a vegetable dish or leguimier, although used for many other foodstuffs than vegtables.