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But the pressures of rising unemployment rates, congested cities, a crippled healthcare system, and national debt skyrocketing out of control have caused America to defend her borders against the influx of immigrants that threaten her already ailing economy....

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However, employers must carefully walk through the screening process, or they may find themselves in violation of the discrimination laws set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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But the same data also suggest a different skein. The Chicago ratios applied to today's population mean that some 19 million American men and 12 million American women have entwined at least once outside the marriage bed. ''That's a helluva lot of people being unfaithful,'' said Todd K. Shackelford, an assistant professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University.

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Like all statistics, the data invited different interpretations. The sociologists who conducted the study wrote in ''Sex in America: A Definitive Survey'' that the figures show a ''picture of an essentially monogamous America'' and that ''each individual spends most of his or her life with only one partner.'' Although marriage and Divorce rates may seem alarming, those in serial relationships tend to be faithful ''as long as the marriage is intact.''

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Views about sex and marriage, of course, are complicated and often contradictory. Americans may be moralistic and conventional (to use Russell's judgment) but they are also tolerant. In the context of a good economy, for instance, polls show that Americans seem to care little about whether their President is chronically concupiscent. And perhaps this ambivalence, in part, explains why tens of millions of American men and women have had extramarital affairs or know well someone who has. Still, there is limited data and only a small amount of research dedicated specifically to infidelity.

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