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JoeMc / Tom, I'm glad you have posted information on madhi al harati.
But comments posted, however informative, while under a ban for persistently breaking our rules are immediately hidden. Hence previous hides.
Also, It is misleading to imply it was the information presented that resulted in the hides. It was more to do with the manner in which it was presented, who was doing the presenting and the perceived motivation for the comments.

You fail to mention who was arguing for leaving up your comments on madhi al harati on indymedia lists. It was actually myself. Rather strange behaviour coming from your nemesis eh Tom? However the other editor had a good point in that you seemed to be using the post to try to damage the Irish left, IAWM, IPSC etc., All very worthwhile endeavours in my book. Yes, Mistakes were made on Libya / Syria by some people involved in certain groups on the left who were taken in by the lies and media spin more than they should have been, and arguably they should have taken a more cynical line on what was going on, but then again, such is the nature of idealists that they sometimes naively believe that human nature can't possibly sink to the levels of nasty sociopathic behaviour that the US imperialists and their cronies / client states frequently do.
But I think they can be forgiven for this. It's indeed hard to accept that fellow humans can act in such underhand ways towards their fellow man. However unless you can offer hard evidence that particular groups have been infiltrated then you should desist from posting harmful smears. Such behaviour is divisive and destructive to fragile movements. Also, as another poster has suggested, you should actually join these groups and take these matters that seemingly concern you so much up at their meetings rather than just posting smears here

Thanks again for misrepresenting our position on Libya / Syria.
I'll spell it out one last time.
Nobody here supported an invasion in Libya and Nobody here supports an invasion in Syria nor the supply of arms to violent dissidents there by the US and client states nor the transport in and use of paid / mad jihadist armed mercenaries to destabilise any country to further the aims of imperialists.
We think people like Madhi Al Harati who assist the CIA agenda while posing as activists are despicable human beings. In general, we think all agent provocateurs and their handlers are despicable human beings and should be outed (but only if there is hard evidence)

Nobody moderating here works for this state or any other state. We are just volunteers here to offer an open publishing facility to the public so they can publish news stories on the web and get them read with minimal barriers, cost and effort.
Got it?

If you break our rules persistently and attack the volunteers here in a personal manner (as you have) then you will be banned and all your posts, good bad or otherwise will be hidden for the duration of the ban.
Got it?

Now why not join the fight against what's wrong in this world instead of relentlessly attacking those trying to do something about it Tom. If you genuinely care then please try to work with us to get the information out. And please stop these stupid bunfights and this useless vendetta against our site ok?

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18/07/2008 · Yes

Thanks for bringing the thread back on subject . I just had a quick read of Clare's speech, which I found to be quite fair and not authoritarian in any way . Hopefully there is some reconciliation going on between the Galway bard and his former party ? I will respond to Ms Daly's speech later , but would like to add what I hope will be seen as a constructive comment on the other matter raised on this thread .

Websites will be legally obliged to provide victims with the identity of people who post abusive and defamatory online messages about them under plans outlined by the UK Government yesterday .

According to Sky News today , the plan would see internet service providers given greater protection from being sued if they help to identify trolls. As the law in both the UK and Ireland stands at the moment, website operators are liable for defamatory material that appears on their sites - even when they disagree with the content.

UK Justice Secretary , Ken Clarke said when introducing the UK anti- trolling plan yesterday ,

"Our proposed approach will mean that website operators have a defence against libel as long as they comply with a procedure to help identify the authors of allegedly defamatory material."
If an anti-trolling law was in operation in Ireland , it could be the way to deal with indymedia's resident troll .

August | 2006 | Vigilante Citizen

I posted a comment here yesterday . It was deleted by editors with the reason "troll" . A few minutes ago I attempted to post it again . It was taken down within seconds . Why ?
here it is again .
To me he seems a former leftist who has now become a "contrarian " and is trying to fill Christopher Hitchens' shoes . But in fairness to Higgins, wageslave. When the indymedia editorial board writes comments here about other site users accusing them ,without any evidence whatsoever , of being "perverts" and "mossad agents" , what do you expect ? There is no way that people can defend their reputations from lies told about them on this site other than by appealing to the editors . When the lies are being told by the editors themselves , this can only help justify the type of legal action Higgins initiated, surely?

According to the indymedia editorial board I am "an agent provocateur ", a"pervert" , a "stalker" a paid Israeli secret service agent . I opposed indymedia editors posting crude anti-christian images to coincide with Christmas and their picture of a crucified Jesus Christ on Good Friday , which had captions attached that pointed at Jesus saying "Cum Here" . My opposition to their filth makes me ,according to the indymedia ireland editorial board , a " shill for the Vatican ". I'm supposed to be a stalker and a pervert because I pointed out -with plenty of evidence - the fact that the leader of an anti-war group called HOPI works for the BAe funded Aerospace Engineering department at Glasgow University . I put up a post last year that showed how a Libyan living in Ireland who has very close connections to the steering committee of the Irish Anti-War Movement is a CIA operative and that he had been in receipt of hundreds of thousands of euros from American intelligence agencies . This exposure of Mahdi al Harati made me a "mossad agent " according to the editorial board.
..................................... end

These editors call me a pervert , and a Mossad agent because of the mention of the HOPI group’s associations with the arms giant BAe. Editors on this site who are members of HOPI always censor this information while other Indymedias such as Indymedia UK allow the comment to stand . The editorial board at Indymedia Ireland says that, by raising the matter of Hopi’s involvement with BAe , I am a pervert who is stalking Yassamine Mather , the head of HOPI referred to in the post . Editors say that I am a paid informer working on behalf of Israeli intelligence services to destroy the Indymedia Ireland site .Since the site archives and editorial lists have been put out of bounds by the editorial board - for three months now – individual editors have been able to hide comments of mine giving “Zionist” "pervert" etc as the excuse . Editors have demanded I identify myself despite the fact that posters are allwed anonymnity and despite the fact that editors themselves are mostly unknown to anybody other than themselves . I have written on a number of occasions to say that I am willing to answer any allegations made against me publicly . The anonymous editorial board will not even allow this offer of mine to appear on the site .

Once again I make the offer . I am willing to publicly answer the lying allegations of stalking Ms Mather's that are being levelled against me by her supporters on this site . These supporters include the same editorial board members that suppressed information coming to the site last year about the role western intelligence services played in setting up the Libyan National Council wageslave, pat corcoran, etc . I attempted to post this evidence several times here .These are the same editors who suppressed articles about the CIA funding of Mahdi-al Harati and his involvement with the IAWM that I posted here. The same editors who have been spamming the site with Islamophobia and recently with anti- christian sectarianism .The same editors that , shortly before the story of the police infiltrator Mark Kennedy/Stone broke, blocked the appearance of important information coming from the UK about police infiltration of the indymedia network . As part of the investigation into that infiltration it was revealed that police officers had been offering thousands of pounds to indymedia moderators who agreed to work with them .

31/08/2006 · Published on IndyMedia
Culture jamming is the inevitable offshoot of 20th century media saturation

Globalization and nationalism: the missing link | …

They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.”

It’s for a course, like the other essays I post here occasionally

13/02/2008 · A major photographic exhibition is coming to the North

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