There are several reasons that make Iago such a terrifying villain.

This speech comprises the passionless character of Iago. It is all will in intellect; and therefore he is here a bold partizan of a truth, but yet of a truth converted into a falsehood by the absence of all the necessary modifications caused by the frail nature of man. And then comes the last sentiment,—

Iago is a villain, plotting around not only against Othello.

The first impression formed of Iago comes from what Roderigo says.

This essay will explore the complex character of "honest Iago.

Thus through Iago’s language, which is ripe with profanity, sensuality and above all animal imagery, Shakespeare has left us clues about the nature of the enigma that is one of his most striking villains....

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Not many English people in Shakespeare's time knew much about this book, but it has been thought that Shakespeare would have known the contents quite well, as Richard III portrays some of the characteristics of a Machiavellian villain.
Machiavellian Villain
The typical Characteristics of a Machiavellian Villain are as follows
totally convinced that his
actions are justified
- is
from others and isolates oneself in evil
and has a good plan to act upon
- Usually
reveals plans
in soliloquies
- resourceful and flexible; usually
uses other people
to help carry out plans
- shows
no remorse
for actions
when it comes to the pursuit of goals
Is Iago a Machiavellian Villain?
In your groups discuss:
Do you think Iago fits these characteristics
Provide textual evidence to support your claims
Be prepared to share
Select a role (only one person per group)
Write a letter to someone in your group
Your letter can include secrets, worries, wishes, concerns, etc.

Iago is not a traditional villain for he plays a unique and complex role.

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Robert Di Yanni in “Character Revealed Through Dialogue” states that the evil antagonist reveals his character quite plainly through his speech: Iago’s language reveals his coarseness; he crudely reduces sexual love to animal copulation.

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This thought, originally by Iago's own confession a mere suspicion, is now ripening, and gnaws his base nature as his own 'poisonous mineral' is about to gnaw the noble heart of his general.

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Here is Cassio's warm-hearted, yet perfectly disengaged, praise of Desdemona, and sympathy with the 'most fortunately' wived Othello;—and yet Cassia is an enthusiastic admirer, almost a worshipper, of Desdemona. O that detestable code that excellence cannot be loved in any form that is female, but it must needs be selfish! Observe Othello's 'honest,' and Cassio's 'bold' Iago, and Cassio's full guileless-hearted wishes for the safety and love raptures of Othello and 'the divine Desdemona.' And also note the exquisite circumstance of Cassio's kissing Iago's wife, as if it ought to be impossible that the dullest auditor should not feel Cassio's religious love of Desdemona's purity. Iago's answers are the sneers which a proud bad intellect feels towards women, aid expresses to a wife. Surely it ought to be considered a very exalted compliment to women, that all the sarcasms on them in Shakspeare are put in the mouths of villains

Unlike most villains in tragic plays, evidence of Iago's deception is not clearly visible....

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For the first motive to be understood the reader must become knowledgeable of Othello's heritage and the setting of the play. Othello is a Moslem from North Africa. He is living in Venice. He is the leader of the Venetian forces. Anthony Burgess, a Shakespearean critic, believes that Othello's color has nothing to do with Iago...

Iago works towards an aim that is constantly changing and becomes progressively more tragic.

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LaMar in “The Engaging Qualities of Othello” comment on how the character of Iago is the wholly expected type of villain for an Elizabethan audience: Iago at once captures the attention of the spectator.

Iago, most of all is portrayed as the “villain” or “protagonist in the play.

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One of the most brilliantly crafted villains in history, Iago is an incredibly intelligent and creative man who shows throughout the play how apt he is at twisting the truth and turning the facts upside down, using strategies and t...