Teaching the I, Rigoberta Menchu Controversy.

David Stoll is a professional anthropologist who, over the course of ten years, interviewed Guatemalans and undertook archival research focused on identifying errors, exaggerations, shortcomings, and bias in Menchú's testimony. In contrast, Menchú gave her testimony without notes in twenty-four hours of taped conversation over an eight-day period when she was twenty-three years old, not long after the murder of her father, mother, and brother and her escape to Mexico. Her testimony was recorded, transcribed, reorganized, and published by Elizabeth Burgos Debray, another anthropologist, who is the book's legal author (and who receives the the substantial royalties the testimony has generated). In the course of his research Stoll never interviewed Menchú herself.

Rigoberta Menchu controversy

In I, Rigoberta Menchu the community is constantly harassed by ladinos who want their land.

Controversy about Rigoberta Menchú

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The Rigoberta Menchu Controversy.

By making themselves the spokesmen for their people, Menchu and Achebe insure that we are less likely to hear from other Africans and Mayans who think their country's interaction with the West was not entirely bad.

"What Happens When the Subaltern Speaks." The Rigoberta Menchu Controversy.

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As Marti says, "The bad thing is that today, those mistakes, half-truths, or full lies uttered by Rigoberta Menchu can discredit not only her own person but an entire movement, or color all the information that addresses the suffering of Central America's Indians" (Marti 81).

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"Stoll: 'I Don't Seek to Destroy Menchu.'" The Rigoberta Menchu Controversy.

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He says he found a "considerable gap between the voice of revolutionary commitment incarnated by Rigoberta and the peasant voices I was listening to" (10).

"The Pitiful Lies of Rigoberta Menchu." The Rigoberta Menchu Controversy.

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In a 1988 National Geographic article, reporter Griffin Smith, Jr., interviewed Guatemalans who said that the biggest change in the country had been the "relaxation of terror" on all sides" (780) indicating that Stoll's assessment may be accurate.