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That is, actions done out of friendship are essentially actionsmotivated by a special sort of concern—a concern for thisparticular person—which is in part a matter of having settledhabits of response to the friend. This, Stocker concludes, is a kindof motivation for action that a teleological conception of actioncannot countenance, resulting in moral schizophrenia. (Jeske (2008)argues for a somewhat different conclusion: that in order to heal thisapparent split between impartial moral obligations and the partialobligations of friendship, we must abandon the distinction betweenmoral and nonmoral obligations.)

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"The Decay of Friendship," by Samuel Johnson, was first published in The Idler, September 23, 1758.

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An important question to ask, however, is what precisely is meant bythe “sharing” of a sense of value. Once again there areweaker and stronger versions. On the weak side, a sense of value isshared in the sense that a coincidence of interests and values is anecessary condition of developing and sustaining a friendship; whenthat happy coincidence dissipates, so too does the friendship. It ispossible to read Annas’s summary of Aristotle’s view offriendship this way (1988, 1):

Cocking & Kennett (1998) caricature this as “the secretsview,” arguing:

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