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I have never heard any satisfactory account concerning the foundation of this pretence, for it does not appear that the people of Canada, at large, ever expressed a discontent with their new establishment, or solicited a restoration of their old. They were, doubtless, the most proper judges of the matter, and ought to have been fully consulted before the alteration was made. If we may credit the general current of intelligence which we have had respecting the disposition of the Canadians, we must conclude they are averse to the present regulation of the Parliament, and had rather continue under the form of government instituted by the Royal proclamation.

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The outbreak of fighting between colonials and the British army led to Hamilton’s quick progression from New York militia artillery officer to General Washington’s staff in March of 1777. In that capacity, Hamilton made a favorable impression on the future president, as well as on his future father-in-law, Phillip Schuyler, a wealthy New York landowner and major political figure. His marriage to Elizabeth Schuyler in 1780 provided an entree into the highest levels of New York legal and political circles. More importantly, however, his military career shaped his emergence as a proponent of strong national union under a radically reconfigured government with all of the appurtenances of European nation-states. Despite a crushing burden of official duties, Hamilton in this period undertook a self-directed course of wide reading in political economy, public finance, history, and European politics. He came to view the Continental Congress as fundamentally defective in its ability to fund and administer an army, as well as to guarantee the union of states and the direction of America’s place on the world stage. The essays published after he left service are merely ruminations on subjects which he treated at length during this period in an extensive private correspondence.

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44Roland I. Perusse, The United States and Puerto Rico: The Struggle for Equality (Malabar, FL:Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company, 1990): 19–20; Alfredo Montalvo-Barbot, PoliticalConflict and Constitutional Change in Puerto Rico, 1898–1952 (Lanham, MD: UniversityPress of America, 1997): 63–64.

Maryland, 1819The Constitution of the UnitedStates is thecentral instrument ofAmerican government and the supreme law of the land.
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As the Tenth Amendment made clear in 1791, 11 the powers not delegated to the United States by theConstitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people"; and thesupremacy of federal laws is limited to such as "shall be made in pursuance of the Constitution." The states are coequallysupreme within their sphere; in no legal sense are they subordinate institutions, and both the federal and state governments rest on the same broad foundation of popular sovereignty.

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While Canada was under the dominion of France, the French laws and customs were in force there, which are regulated in conformity to the genius and complexion of a despotic constitution, and expose the lives and properties of subjects to continual depredation from the malice and avarice of those in authority. But when it fell under the dominion of Great Britain, these laws, so unfriendly to the happiness of society, gave place, of course, to the milder influence of the English laws, and his Majesty, by proclamation, promised to all those who should settle there a full enjoyment of the rights of British subjects. In violation of this promise, the act before us declares: “That the said proclamation and the commission under the authority whereof the government of the said province is at present administered, be, and the same are, hereby revoked, annulled, and made void, from and after the first day of May, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five.” This abolition of the privileges stipulated by the proclamation was not inflicted as a penalty for any crime by which a forfeiture had been incurred, but merely on pretence of the present form of government having been found by experience to be inapplicable to the state and circumstances of the province.

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My name is _ and I will be discussing in this essay some simple facts about myself, what government is along with the different types of government, its functions, and the kind of government that America has.