What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

15- There is a divide within indigenous and Black social movements between pursuing justice based on ‘strategy’ (i.e. land decolonization) and ‘identity’ (asserting right to cultural space based on identity).

To what exent is the U.S. pluralistic?

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14- There is a difference in how Black people are defined as a racial category in the United States and countries of Central and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Which model best describes racial and ethnic relations in the United States?

2- Black people are/have been made ‘invisible’ in _______________.

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4- Factors used to identify race include:

1- Please describe the different views of indigenous people and Black people in Latin America. Provide at least three different reasons for the differing perceptions and describe how those differences have presented themselves in governmental policies regarding Black and indigenous people as well as the effect of those governmental policies. (2 pages long)

20 multiple choice and 2 essays question(2 pages each) should be answered from the textbook

16- Ethnicity and race are the same thing.

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