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Despite this proliferation of ethics education, the profession continues to search for a clear conceptual framework that practitioners and educators can use to design and teach their courses, workshops, and seminars. Ideally, comprehensive ethics education should address several key topics: professional and personal values, ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making, and ethics risk management.

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In part one; the essay will begin with a brief history of social work methods.

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The focus on cultural competency in the social work profession has developed from a trend, to what is now regarded as an academic knowledge base and professional standard (Bridge, Massie & Mills, 2008)....

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It is not about income poverty alone.(SJS) Throughout this essay I will explore why Poverty is a primary issue when striving for Social Justice and how, we as professionals, can attempt to overcome this by working together to achieve a fairer more just society.

The essay will go on to describe what methods are and how they are made use of in social work.

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The strengths based perspective applies six principles that guide the social worker professional in assisting client’s with the strengths based model; we all have areas of strength, but sometimes it takes an unbiased third party to notice and help others clearly see what they are capable of achieving, even in the midst of their crisis....

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One such aptitude is Cultural Competence and Social Diversity, which is in section 1.05 of the NASW code of ethics (National Association of Social Workers, 2008).

Regardless of ones age during the Holocaust, so many were faced with unbelievable ethical dilemmas.

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Reporting bad results: The ethical responsibility of presenting abused women’s parenting practices in a negative light.
AU: Buchbinder-E; Eisikovits-Z.
SO: Child-&-Family-Social-Work. 9(4): 359, Nov. 2004.
The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze the ethical dilemmas involved in presenting research findings that describe abused women’s parenting practices in a negative light. The study was based on data collected by in-depth interviews for the purpose of examining the turning point among 20 Israeli abused women who refused to live with violence and took active steps to stop it while staying with the perpetrator. Overall the analysis indicated successful survival stories but the women’s parenting practices became questionable. This raised dilemmas as to how to present such findings and what are the ethical implications related to interventions with abused women. (Journal abstract.]

Compassion fatigue can cause certain challenges for a professional social worker.

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‘Value talk’ in social work research: Reflection, rhetoric and reality.
AU: Powell-J
SO: European-Journal-of-Social-Work. 8(1): 21-37, March 2005.
This paper begins with an exploration of values in relation to current approaches within social work research, thereby revealing tensions between what might broadly be conceived as scientific rigor and relevance to practice. It goes on to examine the purpose of social work research emphasizing the notion of the researcher as engaged in a critically reflective dialogic process. Four core values conceived as guiding principles in undertaking research are identified as the basis for further ‘value talk’ in the context of developing culturally sensitive approaches without relinquishing a common sense of purpose in developing knowledge of and for social work practice. (Journal abstract.)

Following on from methods the essay will take a look at social work theories and how they can be explained.

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My desire therefore to pursue a Masters of Social Work degree (MSW) has been inspired by over three years of continuous work with families, children, youths and adults who require support to cope and combat oppressive structures and social injustices....