Monetary rewards can only produce so much motivation for employees.

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When employees are motivated, the organization is more successful.

It is because a motivated employee can help the organization to increase the productivity.

Organizations are always looking for new ways to motivate employees.

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Employee satisfaction is a key to the success of the organization.

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Not only that, a motivated employee is more cooperative, supportive and be punctual to work....
Recruitment and selection are a practice that businesses use to acquire and hire employees.

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Training and development of employees at panda supermarket
Study objectives
This study aims at unearthing how panda supermarkets intend to implement employee training and development. Additionally, the paper will examine the different ways by which panda supermarkets identifies its training needs as well as the different training methods that the company employs to meet its objectives. This paper has incorporated the use of deductive methodology; it is through this that we will find a theory that guides that the establishment of the hypothesis followed by observations and confirmation of it so as to attain the objectives of this research. The interview that involved the training manager as well as the questionnaire that was issued to the staff workers was designed to assist the objective of this paper and find the solution to the questions. For instance, the paper will try to find out if there are superior training methods as well as how they can be identified. Lastly, it will try find out the various barriers faced by panda supermarkets in training and developing its employees.
In reference to the results that we got from the staff workers at panda as well as the training manager, it becomes quite significant to establish a wide range of recommendations that would be necessary in the training programme
The management at the panda supermarket have done well in implementing a none discriminatory employee training and development strategy that is in the interest of the company so that none of the parties feels left out. This way, they have considered how the employees view the whole concept of training and development so that the strategy can be effective GTSB, (2009). This has also allowed them to pick a strategy that satisfies the needs of the company as well as of the employees by incorporating the insights of employees before determining the strategy to adopt.
First, the employee’s age structure was being applied to determine the strategy as a way of improving the employee commitment to the training and development program. In addition, use of tools, which the employees cannot understand was appropriately avoided as this, could otherwise have led to undesirable results. Thus, a training and development strategy for employees should be based on their age GTSB, (2009). Once this was done and the employees embraced the program, it gave it the potential to turn in to success story, as they all appreciated the decision by the management.
The program had also aimed to improve the employee skills based on their level of education. This formed an effective strategy for improving productivity. Further, it indicated the level of commitment by the organization in adopting effective employee development strategy in the long term.
At panda supermarket, most of the employees have university education thus advanced training methods were the most ideal and effective. However, to determine the nature of training to be offered, panda needed a thorough evaluation of the knowledge gap to be able to design a proper training program based on the needs and expectations of the employees Anonymous, (2011). Some may need support of their line managers Sosa not to fall behind in productivity and services. Thus, line managers worked closer to their people to be able to determine who needed more attention, which allowed the company to improve adaptability on individual basis.
My interview with the employees at the panda supermarket found out that they felt the need for more technology, rotation and expert trainers. All of which are related to their job at panda. However, they expressed varied views on when and how the training should be done. This showed that employees in an organization are not always comfortable with the training program or sometimes could not understand the concepts. In their opinion, some concepts changed while improving the training and development. At panda supermarket, for instance, some felt that to improve productivity at panda’s supermarket, the working hours for the employees needed to be reduced GTSB, (2009). Others thought the company should continue education which would continue to improve the employees by more training programs while others thought the company restructures working hour structure while others felt the jobs description structure was inadequate and need of revision.
On top of that, they felt that training programs should be made compulsory under the company policy. With the employees getting training, that fits their respective lobs. This has the potential to renew the interest of the employees in the company GTSB, (2009). However, now, they view training as a selective. Thus, it should be made more diverse for them to embrace it fully and make it effective.
To achieve enough diversity, training ideas and methods should not only be sourced from Saudi Arabia but also from other successful retail store in the UK and the US. The research findings also point to the recommendation that training period should not exceed 2hrs for each course participants, a certificate should be issued. With this, employees will feel appreciated and recognized.
Others felt that employees be given self- study manuals t6o train at home instead of attending classes at work Anonymous (2011). This would enable them to focus on their specific job skills. It would also help them to understand involved concepts effectively while sustaining high performances and help them allow them to develop effective strategies hence in helping learn more effectively
They suggested that outside experts should be brought in to train them other than using internal trainers and that modern methods like the internet are used as they are more effective in improving skill levels as well as career development as it allows one to update on the current trends.
Lastly, some felt that the company should network with other players to train their people together to aid in their learning instead of training as a single company.
The study was conducted over the month of July during which the Ramadan falls, which forms a high season for this business. This posed a great challenge, as the employees were too busy making it hard to administer the questionnaire. Again Arabic is the main spoken here thus I had a hard time translating this language in to English since most of my time in UK while the panda supermarket is in Saudi Arabia.

Empowerment is a strong tool that benefits both the employer as well as employee....

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Pulling back from daily demands in order to assess and review employee performance allows managers to focus their attention on specific departments and clarify what is high priority to their company.

It will also look at how differing attitudes of an employee affect motivation.

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Hillman implies that managing millennial employees is typically ineffective because of limited or poor research conducted on what motivates the younger generations of employees.