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Based on the information collected from the crime scene, a profiler can gain a lot of knowledge about the mental status of the offender. This aspect is thus very useful in homicide cases as the reason for undertaking such an act is well identified effectively (Bennell, Taylor and Snook, 400). As a matter of fact, if not applied, then many offenders can go scot free even after causing atrocities to the victims. Criminal profiling is thus an important aspect that works well with rapists, arsonists and homicide murderers.

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At this point, criminal offenders have been seen to help in gathering information about the potential offenders. However, this is not the only function as it assists in narrowing the large numbers of suspected criminals presented by the police (Dowden and Bennell. 2006). As a result of this aspect, investigators have been able to apprehend many criminals by differentiating the guilty and the not guilty ones. This has been made possible by the ability of the criminal profiling to access the patterns of previous criminal activities. In this perspective, detectives have been able to easily highlight and predict the characteristics of the offenders in question. This is to mean that killers and other potential criminals do not get to escape free (Homant, 1998). They are thus caught and apprehended in order to prevent them from engaging in more criminal activities…”

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Criminal profiling tends to work well on analyzing the above stated criminals because of how they operate. However, this is different with criminals who possess both the criminal traits hence being more difficult to deal with. This is because the scene of crime seems to comprise of both aspects of disorganized, and an organized criminal. For instance, the offender might have used their own tools and randomly picked a victim (Snook, Eastwood and Gendreau, 2007). As a result of this complexity, creating a file of a mixed offender tends to be more complicated than for the other offenders. The detectives are at this stage faced with a lot of complications as the available materials for analysis are not easy to extract information.

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According to this view, broken windows, abandoned buildings, public drinking, litter and loitering cause good people to stay in their houses or move out of the neighborhood entirely, leave criminals free to roam and send a message that l...

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