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The current public educational system of The Bahamas leading into the 21st century was regressive as revealed by Ralph Massey who was an economist for the Nassau Institute and produced an article called the “Academic Failure & The Skills Gap,” which reported for the 2006 Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE), “44% had passed English while 56% Failed; 17% both failed and were functionally illiterate....

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As the recent FIFA corruption scandal shows, government agencies such as tax authorities are essential players in the fight to deter, detect and disrupt national and global corruption. That is why the OECD has supported work to strengthen the reach of tax administrations in this area, including our 2010 recommendation to improve information sharing and collaboration across government agencies to combat corruption, tax evasion and other serious economic crimes (OECD 2010b). This led to the establishment of the Oslo Dialogue, a global forum to develop and promote a whole-of-government approach to tackling tax crimes and other serious financial crimes and is supported by the capacity-building programmes delivered through the OECD’s International Academy for Tax Crime Investigation (OECD 2015d).

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These outcomes will encourage local and foreign direct investments, job creation, and reductions in poverty, crime and insecurity. As Sarah Chayes has observed, “Corruption has helped fuel most of the serious crises the world has witnessed in the past decade. It swells the ranks of terrorist movements, weakens local opposition to them, facilitates their activities and hollows out militaries tasked with combating them. It sparks angry protests that can turn into revolutions with unknown second and third order effects such as those in the Arab world in 2011” (Kirkpatrick 2015).

Nicolette Bethel, she discussed federalizing the Bahamian government model to promote decentralization and national progress.

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: Not much online here, but if you have a strong interest in the topic, you might want to back order a copy of the journal titled Legal Mysteries (Volume 16, No. 1), from Spring 2000. Lots of articles, essays, and lists of lawyerly crime fiction.

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(Wakefield Libraries, UK): PDF. 'All the books recommended here have a link with crime - or a criminal act - but there the similarity ends.' More than 20 books listed, with author, title, summary/review, including by Diran Adebayo, by Barbara Vine, by Toni Morrison, by Jim Crace, by Tim Willocks, by Donna Tartt, and by Doris Lessing.

In this essay fear of crime is used in the context of an individual’s perceived risk of becoming a victim of crime.

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: Not much online here, but if you have a strong interest in the topic, you might want to back order a copy of the journal titled Sports Mysteries (Volume 12, No. 3), from Fall 1996. Lots of articles, essays, and lists of sports-related crime novels.

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(Mystery Readers International): Not much online here, but if you have a strong interest in the topic, you might want to back order a copy of the journal titled Mysteries Set in France (Volume 16, No. 2), Summer 2000. Lots of articles, essays, and lists of crime novels set in France.

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(Reader's Advice): 'Mysteries in which the detective works in forensics, or uses forensic evidence to solve the crime.' Author, title, and Amazon link for about 80 titles, from Keith Ablow's to Robert W. Walker's Jessica Coran series.