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Table 5 below shows the World’s Bank Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) index and the Country Performance Rating index for Nigeria and four other purposely selected African countries - Ghana, Uganda, Senegal and Tanzania.

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In fact, Nigeria has become a case where money corrupts, and corrupts absolutely.

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In other words, Nigeria was ranked the 5th most country in 1997; **** A lower position indicates worsening corruption while a higher position indicates improvement (reduced corruption) relative to other countries.

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Nigeria was ranked the most corrupt country in the world by Transparency International in 1999, the very year President Obasanjo was elected to office.

Many economists believe that the SAP marked the beginning of “near planlessness” in Nigeria.

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From now till 2015, I won’t keep quiet. Be prepared to confront me in 2015 because I know you will run. I won’t be a flag-bearer of a party, but I will be an independent candidate of reasoning on a mission to slim fit your chances, paving ways for a better figure to turn you shoeless again. My anger will be fueled by the memory of the teargas you fed me with. My mission will be guided by your deceits that took toll on me. I will contest against you with the power of ONE, just only me can make the difference! I will march the streets to cut down your wings. I will run, jump, jog and if possible fly, all in a bid to define a new path for Nigeria. I have gotten this voice and it is this same voice that I will use to hunt the ‘unlucky’ setbacks of Nigeria. I have fallen in love with Nigeria and not anyone, not you, can make the love go sour! Let the rats in the house tell the ones in the bush, that the armoured voice is on course until ours can be called GOOD GOVERNANCE. For the avoidance of doubt I echo it again; I refuse to be silenced by your presidential brigandage, for I have written with 16 hands!

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Nigeria has a grave enemy and that mighty enemy is you, Your Excellency. We were forced to have a relationship in 1914 and today, the romance has blossomed into what is now known as the most populous black nation. However, your body language, your poked tact, your verbal outpourings have all shown that your mantra of one Nigeria is far more like a political rhetoric than a commitment to the spirit of oneness that has kept us for 98 years. You seek every chance to add ethnic definition to any push from your fellow Nigerians. When stakeholders to the national project are giving inputs, you are always on the defensive, armed with the sensitivity of your ethnic jingoism. To you, the only people who have the legitimacy to take to the streets in a bid to give inputs, to romance you in a war of reasoning, to engage you in a battle of logic with witty democratic candour, are your people.

The conflict in Nigeria has turned deadly and a successful communication environment must be developed in order to restore peace to the region....

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All internet protocols duly observed. But I will not want to subsume you into the category of ‘ordinary’ Nigerians here on the internet and on the streets; as a result, I will like to specially recognize you as an illustrious son of Otuoke, the one who carries the burden of Nigeria all around the world. Your Highness, permit me to deliver this speech with a democratic candour, with no threat of your military foot soldiers.

It appears as if their ideas of Nigeria were as vague as the Nigerians' views of England and Englishness, a fact well represented in Mister Johnson.

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Once again your Highness, I have decided to tell you what your aides won’t tell you. Forget the fact that we don’t always agree on logic, forget the fact that I campaigned against you in the last election, forget the fact that I told people about the chronic underbelly of your pretentious humility; this friendly war is about the Nigeria project, we are both stakeholders. But one thing I will not do is to disrespect you by calling you names. As I write this philippic sir, I write not as a Northerner from Ihima, not as a Christian living in the West, but as a pan Nigerian who has closed his eyes to entreaties to leave the soil of Nigeria for a greener pasture.

In my view, to chart the way forward for Nigeria, we need to consider two important lessons from the past 51 years.

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Corruption has made public office the fast track to wealth in Nigeria, and has intensified the struggle for elected offices, making elections a do-or-die affair and creating conflicts and instability.