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As we can see, LP invalidates ECQ by assigning a designatedvalue, both true and false, to a contradiction. Thus,LP departs from classical logic more so than the systems thatwe have seen previously. But, more controversially, it is alsonaturally aligned with dialetheism. However, we can interpret truthvalues not in an aletheic sense but in an epistemic sense: truthvalues (or designated values) express epistemic or doxasticcommitments (see for example Belnap 1992). Or we might think that thevalue both is needed for a semantic reason: we might berequired to express the contradictory nature of some of our beliefs,assertions and so on (see Dunn 1976: 157). If this interpretativestrategy is successful, we can separate LP from necessarilyfalling under dialetheism.

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Developed in response to the call from stakeholders in the education field to make the application of UDL principles and practices more concrete. The nine UDL Guidelines are organized according to the three main principles of UDL that address representation, expression, and engagement. They are not meant to be a “prescription” but a set of strategies that can be employed to overcome the barriers inherent in most existing curricula.

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The student has a vivid imagination and can create exceptional stories; however, her handwriting is illegible. As a support, she uses a classroom computer or her home laptop to express her ideas.

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To write a compare/contrast essay, you’ll need to make NEW connections and/or express NEW differences between two things. The key word here…is NEW!

Jun 17, 2013 · Chungking Express by Wong Kar Wai (1994, Hong Kong) explores the themes of love, isolation and uncertainty via two …

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Materials are usually seen as the media used to present learning content and what the learner uses to demonstrate knowledge. Within the UDL framework, the hallmark of materials is their variability and flexibility. For conveying conceptual knowledge, UDL materials offer multiple media and embedded, just-in-time supports such as glossaries, background information, and on-screen . For strategic learning and expression of knowledge, UDL materials offer tools and supports needed to access, analyze, organize, synthesize, and demonstrate understanding in varied ways. For engaging with learning, UDL materials offer alternative pathways to success including choice of content where appropriate, varied levels of support and challenge, and options for recruiting and sustaining interest and motivation.

Brainstorm The primary objective in brainstorming is to get the ball rolling, and allow the participants to express their opinions freely

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As an ongoing theme throughout the school year, the teacher worked to develop students' media literacy. She used an array of formats to present content, and she varied the media with which students could use to express their learning.

Mar 16, 2015 · Exceptional Express Quick reviews of LD methods to enable educators to find and select appropriate tools for the students in their classrooms.

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The 2008 reauthorization established the first statutory definition for universal design for learning. This definition incorporates the three principles of UDL--representation, expression, and engagement--and emphasizes reducing barriers with appropriate supports and challenges built into instruction.