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Other prayers include Dorigen's addressto God, the prayers of Griselda and the little clergeon's mother, the Retraction,and various other references to God and the saints.

In Geoffrey Chaucer: A Collection of Original Essays.

He claims that during his sermons he shows useless trifles that he passes off as saints' relics....

Two recent essays on Chaucer’s possible use of the ..

This collection of stories is great entertainment and some even provide very good moral lessons; most of these stories show the contempt Chaucer had for the Church of England which had control at the time over most of England.

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Chaucer gives us a cross-section of fourteenth century society by giving us the small details of people’s clothing, demeanor and professions; therefore giving us information on the lower and middle classes, not discussed in literature before....

as his first work, and assessing prayer as evidence of Chaucer'sreligious sincerity and devotion.

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In this fabliau Chaucer exposes the problems of an older man marrying a younger women and gives the impression that this situation should not be desired in a marriage, “He was jealous and kept her on a short leash, / for she was wild and young, and he was old” (lines 38-39)....

There is one mind common to all individual men

To find Alice Chaucer's true counterpart we must return to the Book of the Duchess's Duchess, Blanche, first wife to John, Duke of Gaunt, Chaucer's patron, and to Queen Anne of Bohemia, first wife to King Richard II, both of whom were mourned and loved by all.

Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same

Nevertheless, it is perhaps significant that her father, Thomas Chaucer, appears to have had her be named after his father's fictional creation, his Alice of Bath.

In this essay, I will contrast Chaucer's ideal Knight with its modern equivalent.

English Poetry I: From Chaucer to Gray

The Prioress, a Nun, is no exception, but Chaucer does not directly say how she represents the four vows but rather it is what he does not say that leads people to believe the Prioress is the exact opposite of what is expected of a nun that has committed herself to the four vows....

This essay will analyze the characteristics and personalities of the Knight, Squire, Monk, Plowman, Miller, and Parson of Chaucer's tale....

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Then, as a young page, Geoffrey Chaucer lived in the castles and palaces of John of Gaunt, who, by his marriage with the Duchess Blanche, had become Duke of Lancaster and who had already been Earl of Richmond.

We have no choice, said Milton, but to accept these expressions as the truest to which we can attain.

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“Wycliffism is . . . part of the processes of cultural negotiation itself, an emergent fund of ideas, forms, rhetorics . . . . When Chaucer thinks of vernacular translation, he thinks of Wycliffism. When Hoccleve and Lydgate apply their topically inflected forms of writing to religious and ecclesiastical issues, they again think of Wycliffism. When Langland and Kempe assess the viability of new forms of religiosity, they, too, think of Wycliffism and the generative debates about ‘lollardy’ that appear to go to the core of their figured authorial identities” (186).