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Before authoring more than a dozen young-adult novels featuring sports and adventure, Pam spent more than twenty years in the magazine and newspaper business, both in editorial and administration. She’s also a former whitewater kayak instructor and raft guide, and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Find out more on her website at:

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[She] had Charms enough to engage any Heart; she had all the Advantages of Youth and Nature; a Shape excellent; a most agreeable Stature, not too tall, and far from low, delicately proportioned; her Face a little inclined round, soft, smooth and white; her Eyes were blue, a little languishing, and full of Love and Wit; a Mouth curiously made, dimpled, and full of Sweetness; Lips round, soft, plump and red; white Teeth, firm and even; her Nose a little Roman, and which gave a noble Grace to her lovely Face, her Hair light brown; a Neck and Bosom delicately turned, white and rising; her Arms and Hands exactly shaped; to this a Vivacity of Youth engaging; a Wit quick and flowing; a Humour gay, and an Air irresistibly charming...

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is the author of books including the memoirs, Wet Earth and Dreams: A Narrative of Grief and Recovery, Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons, and The Mother Knot. Her novels include The Powers of Charlotte and Worlds Beyond My Control, Some Place Quite Unknown, and Inheritance. Lazarre taught writing and literature at the Eugene Lang College at the New School for many years, serving as director of the undergraduate writing program for much of that time. Her fiction and essays have been widely anthologized, taught, presented at colleges and universities and critically discussed in print and at national conferences. Among her awards and honors are the National Endowment Award in Fiction, the New York Foundation for the Arts Award in Fiction, the New School University Excellence in Teaching Award and the Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights in North America, for Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness. Her website at at /.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
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I received your letter in regard to those plates, and will say in answer that they are a HUMBUG, gotten up by Robert Wiley, Bridge Whitton and myself. Whitton is dead. I do not know whether Wiley is or not. None of the nine persons who signed the certificate knew the secret, except, Wiley and I. We read in Pratt's prophecy that "Truth is yet to spring up out of the earth." We concluded to prove the prophecy by way of a joke. We soon made our plans and executed them, Bridge Whitton cut them (the plates) out of some pieces of copper; Wiley and I made the hieroglyphics ** by making impressions on beeswax and filling them with acid and putting it on the plates. When they were finished we put them together with rust made of nitric acid, old iron and lead, and bound them with a piece of hoop iron, covering them completely with the rust. Our plans worked admirably. A certain Sunday was appointed for digging. The night before, Wiley went to the Mound where he had previously dug to the depth of about eight feet, there being a flat rock that sounded hollow beneath, and put them under it. On the following morning quite a number of citizens were there to assist in the search, there being two Mormon elders present (Marsh and Sharp). The rock was soon removed, but some time elapsed before the plates were discovered. I finally picked them up and exclaimed, "A piece of pot metal!" Fayette Grubb snatched them from me and struck them against the rock and they fell to pieces. Dr. Harris examined them and said they had hieroglyphics on them. He took acid and removed the rust and they were soon out on exhibition. Under this rock [it] was dome-like in appearance, about three feet in diameter, there were a few bones in the last stage of decomposition, also a few pieces of pottery and charcoal. There was NO SKELETON found. Sharp, the Mormon Elder, leaped and shouted for joy and said, Satan had appeared to him and told him not to go (to the diggings), it was a hoax of Fugate and Wiley's, - but at a later hour the Lord appeared and told him to go, the treasure was there.

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