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Of course, it’s also possible that women who actually are single mothers could agree that single motherhood is bad for society as a whole. Most didn’t choose it for themselves. They didn’t want their husbands or partners to leave, or die, or threaten them or their children. There are real hardships, economic and emotional, associated with single motherhood, especially if you didn’t plan for it from the start.

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I found that I was very interested in the sciences and how the human body works.

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Being a gets a bad rap. Most people think you're living the life of luxury with no job, no boss and no workplace stress. Know the top 10 benefits and downsides of being a stay-at-home mom before you .

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I met a woman once who had been single mother in the late 50’s and early 60’s because she had left her alcoholic husband. Later in life she decided to become a Buddhist monk,but when she went to study at a monastery in Japan, the other monks did not take kindly to her and froze her out for a full year. No one spoke to her or engaged with her. She finally won their respect.

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Even though my commitment to my education takes some time away from my child, I know that ultimately it will be worth the sacrifice because she will see how important an education is by witnessing all I have given up to achieve mine, and what a strong career I will be able to build because of those same sacrifices.

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With the recent from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 40 percent of births in the U.S. last year were to single mothers, I dug out a from a few years back by BabyTalk magazine, asking women who has “the better deal” — married mothers or single mothers?

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Not too long ago the question might not even have occurred. It’s been less than two decades since Dan Quayle pilloried a Murphy Brown, a fictional TV character, for having a baby “out of wedlock” (the fact that the term seems archaic is one measure of the change).

And even though I would do it all again if I had to, I agree with her.

Ways the Children of Single Parents Defy All Stereotypes

But back to the . For starters, the majority of single mothers out there say they might not be married, but they aren’t single either — 56 percent are in a relationship with (and most are living with) the biological father of their child. Of those who are parenting on their own, 77 percent say it is harder than being a married mother, their top reasons being: there is less money (87 percent) and no one to hand the baby off to once in a while (80 percent).

But not having the money or someone to share the fun stuff with would be hard.

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They’re easy. They’re slutty. They got pregnant with some random guy. Or, selfishly, they ran out to the sperm bank when they turned forty. It’s their fault.

Cereal for dinner again? And what about your nutrition and your child’s nutritional needs?

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Certainly the next two years will be challenging—requiring much juggling of schedules and time management expertise--but I have done it before, and with my clear goal in my mind, I know I can do it again with equal or greater success.