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MIASMA (Greek, "stench"): Literally referring to a stench or bad smell, the Greek term also metaphorically indicates a sort of ceremonial taint or spiritual stain that can result from various sorts of impurity. The ancient Greeks thought actions such as murder, incest, blasphemy, menstruation, or violations of might cause a miasma around a person or place, and until the community took action to expunge the stain, misfortune such as disease, drought, or other blights would be the potential result. Normally, people thought to be stained by miasma were forbidden to pass the sacred marker () separating the holy ground of a temple or a public forum from non-sacred space. The term is particularly applicable in the play Oedipus Rex, in which the entire community of Thebes has fallen under a curse because of a miasma in their midst. It is also relevant in Agamemnon, where the prophetess Cassandra seems to have the ability to sense miasma as well as see the invisible that have come to settle on the house.

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( — ) works on medieval French literature, with a current interest in medieval hagiography and new technologies. Her web-based , at UVA’s , exploits the flexibility of its electronic medium in order to make visible many of the characteristics that escape elegant representation in print, such as the continuing role of the audience in creating the texts and the uniqueness of each manuscript. The project, which is currently under construction, offers employment to both undergraduate and graduate students. She is the author of Hagiography, Romance and the Vie de sainte Eufrosine.

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MILTONIC HERO: An who is a romanticized but wicked character, especially a charismatic one who defies authority and conventional morality, and becomes paradoxically ennobled by his peculiar rejection of virtue. In this sense, Milton's Satan in may be considered sympathetically as an antihero. Other literary examples might be Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights and the demonic Melmoth in Melmoth the Wanderer. Byronic heroes are associated with destructive passions, sometimes selfish brooding or indulgence in personal pains, alienation from their communities, persistent loneliness, intense introspection, and fiery rebellion. See also .

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