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“The positive checks to population include all the causes which tend in any way prematurely to shorten the duration of human life, such as unwholesome occupations, severe labor and exposure to the seasons, bad and insufficient food and clothing arising from poverty, bad nursing of children, excesses of all kinds, great towns in manufactories, the whole train of common diseases and epidemics, wars, infanticide, plague, and famine. Of these positive checks, those which appear to arise from the laws of nature may be called exclusively misery; and those which we bring upon ourselves, such as wars, excesses of all kinds, and many others which it would be in our power to avoid, are of a mixed nature. They are brought upon us by vice, and their consequences are misery.”

understand the need to prevent excessive growth of population.

Essay on the Causes of Rapid Population Growth

Essay on the Causes of Rapid Population Growth ..

“If it were possible to suppose that man might be adequately stimulated to labor under a system of common property, such land might be cultivated, and the production of food and the increase of population might go on till the soil absolutely refused to grow a single additional quarter, and the whole society was exclusively engaged in procuring the necessaries of life. But it is quite obvious that such a state of things would inevitably lead to the greatest degree of distress and degradation.”

But due to excessive population growth back-log (uncovered burden) ..

“Unchecked, Malthus said, populations tend to grow in a geometric progression and at a rate that would double the numbers about every 25 years. Food supplies at best, he thought, could increase in arithmetic progression. The superior power of population growth over the means of subsistence require that population growth would eventually be checked, if not by preventative measures, then by the positive inroads of starvation, disease, war, etc. which he grouped under the heading of misery and vice.”

Excessive hunting and land development, as well as unemployment, all remain growing concerns for this struggling country.
The fact that Kerala could make a lot of progress in checking population growth testifies to ..

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As the population of the globe surges past 6 billion, India is on the verge of surpassing China as the world's most populous nation. For at least two centuries India has struck many Westerners as a place that is over-populated, famine-prone, and, as a result, a threat to global stability. In fact, as historian Mytheli Sreenivas details, the question of 'over-population' is a relative one: is India producing too many people or too few resources? Does a growing population represent an opportunity or a danger? These questions take on a new urgency and relevance as India emerges as a major economic power and consumer society, and as the world confronts an ongoing food crisis. This month, Sreenivas puts these pressing concerns about population in historical perspective.

Excessive deforestation and overgrazing by the growing population has led to ..

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This is a must read book for anyone seriously looking for the causes and the solutions to the problems that plague humanity. The authors of these essays, starting with Malthus 1830, Huxley 1955, and Osborn 1960 have accurately assessed the problems of humanity. The problem of overpopulation must be solved before any other problem can be adequately addressed. All through history the ability of a nation, a culture, a tribe, a religion, a group,and the human species overall to increase in numbers has been a necessity to survival. What was once necessary for survival is now undermining and placing survival itself. I have quoted some passages of their works that I consider interesting and pertinent. I hope that by reading these paragraphs that enough interest is generated to read them. If we do not solve the population issue everything else is irrelevant. Malthus is a bit difficult to follow because he uses a large number of mathematical statistics which many readers tend to bog down in much like the genealogy of the Bible. It is also written in the vernacular of the place and period of the day at the time of his writing. The other two are contemporary and worded as such so are easier to understand. They also do not have the statistics that make Malthus difficult. Recently written it is easier for a reader to understand what they are saying as the issue is becoming more and more visible and apparent in the world. Although I have not checked it can be reasonably assumed that the essays can be found separately if the book is not.

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Next, to China, India is the most populous country in the world. In figures, it has crossed the 900 million mark and is still growing leaps and bounds. One-sixth of the total populations of the world (above 500 cores) thus live in India, this globe is born daily one-fourth million (250 lakh) babies. India, this figure (of daily birth of babies) is about 35,000. So the position is simply alarming. For death rate is now substantially less, thanks to the wonderful improvement of medical science. Average expectation of life (longevity) has also gone up.