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In January of 1848, James Wilson Marshall found gold while he was building a small saw mill at the edge of the American River. The river runs northeast of Sacramento, California. History states that a storekeeper from the Sutter Creek area, Sam Brannan, ran around yelling about the discovery of gold and then the gold rush began. People flooded into the area seeking to make money.

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This is a photograph of a Chinese miner carrying mining equipment including, a yoke, a rocker, a pickaxe, and a shovel. Chinese men immigrated to the United States in large numbers with the event of California’s Gold Rush. They came primarily to mine for gold, and to find work because of China’s economic and political instability at that time, but were met with hostility. Laws were passed by the California legislature to prevent them from earning living and to encourage them to leave the state.

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Every June, Auburn strikes a path back to the 19th century and celebrates Chana's discovery of gold nuggets in his pan, and the gold rush madness that followed. And while they're at it, they celebrate the demise of Rattlesnake Dick.

Gold Rush Essay essaysA gold rush happens when people hear that gold has been found.

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The rush of 1848 was strictly local. Something like a quarter-million dollars in gold was pried from California before the winter rains set in. Except for a large group that wandered north from Sonora, Mexico, and a few who drifted in from Oregon Territory, the miners came almost entirely from within California.

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It is remarkable how swiftly the rush for riches spread across the gold- laden hills. Although the first wave of argonauts didn't start digging at Coloma until May in 1848, by autumn the tidal wave had inundated the entire foothill strip until it was alive with the shouts and curses of 10,000 miners. Men whose only previous contact with gold had been no more than owning a gold pocket watch, suddenly were in the business of mining it. That brief summer of '48 saw new beginnings in hundreds of locations, all started by men who knew nothing about what they were doing but who shook pans of muck and rock until they (sometimes) became rich.

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The California Gold Rush was an extraordinary episode in American history, a story of courage and heroism, of cowardice and selfishness. It lasted barely a decade. The brash young men who were a part of it, whose search for gold settled a remote land in months instead of years, had a grand, gaudy adventure they never forgot.

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California Gold Rush: by Lauren Burt triggering the Gold Rush of '49, the greatest stampede of gold seekers in history The only hope was to keep the discovery quiet For a complete statement of the Terms of Service, please see our website.

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In the spring of 1849, following President Polk's State-of-the-Union message, the dam of ignorance that had held the rest of the country back, broke loose. Gold fever, until then a local outbreak in a remote and almost unheard of place, all at once became an international epidemic. In 1849 more than a hundred thousand people poured into California. Gold mania swept the East, jumped the Atlantic to England, invaded Germany and France. Those who came by ship docked in San Francisco, turning the small hamlet into a virtual boomtown. Tents and makeshift housing covered the hills. Ships clogged the harbor, many abandoned by their crews for the diggings. Mud in the streets got so deep that men drowned in it.