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So far the Cool Worlds vlog is mostly one scientist with a camera, a low budget–and a lot of guts. But take a peek; I bet you’ll be inspired. And as David says, “if you can inspire a few people to become astronomers–that’s incredibly worthwhile.”

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Presenting is the opportunity to connect with those people in your tribe. And this is a make or break moment when people decide if the message you’re going to deliver worth their time. People make up their minds in a matter of seconds about whether they plan to tune out or perk up and listen.

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BV: Yes! Vadurro and Kuchner are available for customized in-house training programs specifically for the scientific community!

Michaelson, Herbert, , Oryx Press, 1990. Chapter 6 discusses abstracts.

MK: What’s the secret to being a really great speaker?

These contributions have taken us far beyond the original scope of the project. Moreover, our advanced users have also helped teach one another about the science of disks and stellar spectroscopy, creating elaborate online guides for one another to read, and coaching one another one-on-one. That task hasn’t always been easy given that English is a second language for many of our users.

MK: What special struggles do you think scientists have as speakers?

But Disk Detective has already made several discoveries that the teams of professionals did not, despite having access tothe data several years before our project launched. We published our first two papers this month. One described what appears to be the . The other announced a new that appears to be a member of the Carina association of young stars: the oldest “M dwarf” disk in an association. Moreover we at Disk Detective have found many mistakes in the published computer analyses; false positives where a human eye was truly needed to make the right call.

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But I think our best discoveries of all have been our “Last Starfighters,” the passionate citizen scientists in the Disk Detective advanced user group: a retired doctor, a retired biologist, a computer scientist, students of law and geodesy, a postal worker, grandparents, teachers, a single mom—each with unique talents and perspectives. Even after Disk Detective has found its last disk, they will probably continue to serve humanity through their science. Some even have applied for jobs in astronomy inspired by their work on Disk Detective.

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So the chicken thighs are burning and I need those tongs to take them off the grill. But my toddler has them and is using them to spread cheerios around the rug. So how do I get the tongs back? I offer him something else in exchange for the tongs, another enticing toy he can grab hold of. It works most of the time.

(b) Advance public education and enlightenment concerning the world's wetland resources.

(f) Encourage the knowledgeable management of wetland resources.

At the current time, there are no other national or international certification programs for wetland scientists. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a draft certification program that is specific to wetland delineation and is intended to reduce the level of effort required by this agency in verifying delineation under section 404 requirements of the United States "Clean Water Act". Although this program was deployed as a pilot program in three Corps districts, it has been put on indefinite hold and is currently not in effect.

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This article was in Scientific American.

Sometimes my colleagues will ask me: could Disk Detective possibly have been done by computer? Could a clever machine-learning algorithm replace the hard work of the citizen scientists? Indeed, a series of innovative computer analyses by several teams of professional scientist have uncovered many of the brightest disks in the WISE archive in the six years since the data became available. So the competition between computer-aided professionals and teams of citizen-scientists is keen.