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Recently, another acquaintance of mine died. He was beautiful and young and free-spirited and one hell of a painter. He went hiking one day on the Oregon coast and was never seen again. Over the course of my life, I have known other people who’ve died. Some of them have died the way we hoped they would — old, content, at their time; others, the way we hoped they wouldn’t — by murder or suicide, in accidents, or too young of illnesses. The deaths of those people made me sad, afraid, and angry; they made me question the fairness of the world, the existence of God, and the nature of my own existence. But they did not make me suffer. They did not make me think, I cannot continue to live. In fact, in their deaths I felt more deeply connected to them, not because I grieved them, but because I wanted to attach myself to what is interesting. It is interesting to be in a Chinese restaurant and see a poster of the smiling face of an acquaintance, who is one hell of a painter, plastered on the front door. It is interesting to be able to say, I know him, to feel a part of something important and awful and big. The more connections like this we have, the more interesting we are.

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Less frequently, we also talk about the same pain returning orlasting intermittently:

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Is between these pendulums - the positive, the one that gives happiness and meaning, and the negative - that our lives are lived. And when we meditate about all that, we arrive at a diverse and disagreeing set of thoughts about the meaning and purpose of life.

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A number of situations can arise throughout a lifetime that may cause a person to feel that their life sucks. This may include the loss of loved ones, the loss of a job, long-term unemployment, chronic illness, break-ups and divorces, and more. In all of these situations it is normal to feel low. Yet it is also important to realize that it is possible to rebound from these situations in time through positive thinking, that is by thinking about problems in a more optimistic and productive way. In addition, there are a number of strategies you can consider to help return to happiness and to regain a positive view of life.

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To recap, strong representationalism is the modern day's directrealism about perception, where adverbialism is replaced byrepresentationalism run on a naturalistic story about how perceptualexperiences acquire their (analog) representational content that inturn constitutes their phenomenology. So, according to strongrepresentationalism, pain experiences feel the way they do in virtue oftheir representational content, and nothing else. They representvarious disorderly conditions of bodily tissue. The way they representthese conditions is analogous to the way our visual system representscolors. If colors are (at least, partly) objective features of surfaceslike their surface spectral reflectances, our visual experiences don'trepresent colors as such, so we cannot come to conceptualize colors asspectral reflectances on the basis of their “grainless”visual presentations. So it is no objection to representationalism thatour pain experiences don't represent tissue damage as such, which is tosay that we cannot necessarily conceptualize what pain experiencesrepresent as tissue damage solely on the basis of theseexperiences.

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Not only people seem to have a special epistemic access to theirpains, they seem to have a very special epistemic authoritywith respect to their pain: they seem to be incorrigible, oreven infallible, about their pains and pain reports: necessarily, if Isincerely believe that I am in pain, then I am in pain. Conversely, ifI feel pain, then I know that I am in pain. Again this conditionalseems necessarily true. This is the self-intimating aspect ofpain experiences.

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If this were fiction, what would happen next is that the woman would stand up and get into her truck and drive away. It wouldn’t matter that the woman had lost her mother’s wedding ring, even though it was gone to her forever, because the loss would mean something else entirely: that what was gone now was actually her sorrow and the shackles of grief that had held her down. And in this loss she would see, and the reader would know, that the woman had been in error all along. That, indeed, the love she’d had for her mother was too much love, really; too much love and also too much sorrow. She would realize this and get on with her life. There would be what happened in the story and also everything it stood for: the river, representing life’s constant changing; the tiny blue flowers, beauty; the spring air, rebirth. All of these symbols would collide and mean that the woman was actually lucky to have lost the ring, and not just to have lost it, but to have loved it, to have ached for it, and to have had it taken from her forever. The story would end, and you would know that she was the better for it. That she was wiser, stronger, more interesting, and, most of all, finally starting down her path to glory. I would show you the leaf when it unfurls in a single motion: the end of one thing, the beginning of another. And you would know the answers to all the questions without being told. Did she ever write that five-page paper about the guy who lost his nose? Did she ask Mark to marry her again? Did she stop sleeping with people who had titles instead of names? Did she manage to walk 1,638 miles? Did she get to work and become the Incredibly Talented and Extraordinarily Brilliant and Successful Writer? You’d believe the answers to all these questions to be yes. I would have given you what you wanted then: to be a witness to a healing.