I know. Jolly good show. Like the Coral Island.

First we meet the myopic Piggy, the fat boy and destined to be one of life’s victims. He’s grateful to find the reasonable Ralph, who shakes hands and sets about establishing some set of rules to ensure survival.

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You should see some similiarities from the passages above to scenes in Lord of the Flies.

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Soon another group turn up, led by Jack, who has Alpha male bloodied onto his face; Roger, a thug of a boy; and a cute little blond moppet called Perceval who only has his teddy for company.

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Golding’s experiment with human nature is clinically precise. A plane comes down on a desert island and the only survivors seem to be a group of boys (and, yes, the plot does appear to have been stolen by Sky’s hit TV series, Lost).

Work Consulted: Olsen, Kirstin. Understanding Lord of the Flies. Westport: Greenwood, 2000.

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Golding’s controversial story makes an ideal set text. It’s a psychologist’s, and exam-setter’s, dream. There are so many theories, so many strands to discuss. Where do you begin?

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But I wouldn’t like to be in their playgrounds today in the aftermath to this exposure to gang warfare and anarchy. It’ll give them way too many ideas.

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Every act of violence and savagery was met with appreciative noises. And they particularly liked the passing finesse of Jonathan Holby’s fluidly choreographed game of find the conch shell.

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Well, I’d begin, if you haven’t already, by getting a seat to watch Nigel Williams’ spellbinding adaptation. Director Timothy Sheader has elicited top-flight performances from a young, and mostly inexperienced, cast. There’s only one proper, grown-up, looking adult (the versatile Jonathan Holby), who has a fleeting cameo, and he brings a dose of reality to the brutal adventure of the lost boys.

Most of the movies below are rated R, so please get parent permission if you are under 17.

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The characters' names in The Coral Island are Ralph, Jack, and Peterkin. These boys survive by hunting pig. They deal with real, external beasts: cannibals and pirates.

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It would be simplistic to say it’s a story of good and evil, class divide, the collapse of civilisation or a Paradise Lost-style allegory about sin, but it’s thought-provoking drama. Would a group of young schoolgirls, put in a similar predicament, behave in the same way? Never..or would they?