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Native American design has been a powerful influence on the world of contemporary fashion, and recently, Native designers themselves are breaking into the fashion industry. This book, the companion title to the exhibition organized by Peabody Essex Museum, highlights the work of popular designers, including Patricia Michaels (Taos Pueblo), Virgil Ortiz (Cochiti Pueblo), and Jaime Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock). From haute couture to casual streetwear, from evening gowns to beaded boots, from skateboards to umbrellas, these talented designers honor cultural traditions while creating a breathtaking range of fashion.

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Visiting museums is commonly credited with fostering creativity and inquisitiveness in children.

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In this book, which grew out of a landmark NMAI symposium in 1995, Native and non-Native scholars and museum professionals explore issues concerning the representation of Indians and their cultures by museums in North America. Traditional museum exhibitions of Native American art and culture often represented only the past, ignoring the living Native voice. Today, museums have begun to incorporate the Native perspective in their displays. Even more dramatic is the increasing number of Indian-run museums. These essays explore the relationships being forged between museums and Native communities to create new techniques for presenting Native American culture.

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The Classroom provides a variety of resources and strategies to help teachers and students make sense of the Lost Museum’s historical materials. Using the American Museum’s many attractions, the site attempts to convey the social, cultural, and political history of antebellum and Civil War America, emphasizing issues of race, gender, reform, immigration, sectionalism, and popular culture. Toward that end, (between 750 and 1000 words in length) offer context for the site’s key historical themes. is an overview essay that enumerates the specific exhibits, documents, and lessons that pertain to topics commonly taught in U.S. history courses. This essay can help instructors familiarize themselves with the site and create student assignments related to their teaching needs. Numerous offer a structured way to use the site within a class period or two. include a timeline of important events in the life of the nation and the American Museum; a bibliography of historical scholarship on Barnum, the American Museum, and the museum’s attractions; and a list of links to related Web sites.

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Creation Safaris offer unique opportunities for scientists and knowledgeable Christian apologetics teachers to convey arguments for creation and against evolution where it is needed most: where the evidence is right in front of you! This section of our website has news, information, Scriptures and ready-to-use lesson plans for educators. Creation-Evolution Headlines, a sister site, has daily news reports about scientific evidence. See our videos of actual teaching situations in the Great Outdoors, and get motivated by the possibilities in God’s creation classroom!

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A number of artists today are using food that can be eaten, invitingthe public into a participatory relationship with their works (Smith2013). The uses of food on the part of female artists are particularlysignificant, given the traditional association of women with the body,with feeding and nurturance, and with transience and mortality. Notonly these venerable concepts but also the versions they manifest inthe contemporary social order are present in today’s art scene,such as Kara Walker’s 2014 work A Subtlety, a giantsculpture of sugar and molasses that explores eroticism, race, and thelegacies of American slavery. The very presence of such creations inthe artworld today has contributed to consternation on the part ofprofessionals and public alike about just how art is to be defined andconceived. There is no particular feminist “definition” ofart, but there are many uses to which feminists and postfeminists turntheir creative efforts: exploring gender and sexuality as well ascriticizing the traditions of art and of beauty imposed by aestheticstandards of the past.

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For museums, these conversations serve the purpose of continuing to educate and inspire their visitors.For companies , the conversations sparked by a museum exhibit can serve the aim of encouraging the customer to assume extra deeply about the exhibit`s message.