Essay about active listening activities

5. Talk to the child about the routine situations in his/her life.
6. Talk about shared experiences and events and objects that are common to both of you.
7. Use different voice patterns when indicating various aspects of speech to the child.
8. Use intonation to mark important elements in utterances.
9. Allow the child plenty of time to respond during conversations.
10. Shift gradually the responsibility for being understood from you to the child as he acquires more spoken language.
11. Use mainly complete sentences when speaking.
12. Provide the child with the opportunity to acquire language by participating in activities which are common in life.
13. Maintain a close relationship with professionals in order to provide the child with the optimal opportunities to develop spoken language communication.
14. Be prepared to be the primary person responsible for the initial development of the child's spoken language.
15. Work in as many one-on-one situations as possible until the child has acquired reasonable communication skills.

Essay about active listening activities

Essay about active listening activities

Essay about active listening activities

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Essay about active listening activities Thesis disertation

Essay about active listening activities Connect more deeply by listening more responsively, negotiate more effectively. Ggestions, examples, exercises, stories, skills, links to articles, books.

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